Hubby's Friends

I love spreading for my husbands friends... I have ****** and sucked every one of them and then fed their goo to him... Mmmm
Cumdumpwife Cumdumpwife
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10 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Nice. I'd love for you to feed your husband my goo

Good girl!

Good girl!!

Good girl!!

I love that loving husband has no idea, and he is licking and swallowing his friend's ***! So hot for you and his friends! Dan

The husband getting fed what a lover has left in his wife has to be fairly common if the husband is unaware as I was.

can you tell a little longer story to share the details? love to hear it all.

Let's **** you can feed him my ***

Baby I love being pumped full of *** so I can force feed him goo!

Nice.... Tell us more