The Confernce...

ok, here is something ... i had confernce online chating... with my husband and another frnd of mine... where, we totally made him a cuckold. i am posting the chat, wid names jst changed

male (2:49:39 AM): i am male
male (2:49:42 AM): hi husband

wife(2:49:49 AM): hi male
wife(2:49:55 AM): this is my hubby husband

husband (2:49:57 AM): hi
husband (2:50:02 AM): wats up so late?

wife(2:50:07 AM): just fun
wife(2:50:14 AM): thought to make u join

male (2:50:18 AM): hey she is a fantastic girl

husband (2:50:20 AM): i m slepy

wife(2:50:25 AM): wel not now anymore

husband (2:50:33 AM): thanx

wife(2:50:53 AM): wel , male was realy interested to talk wid u husband

male (2:50:56 AM): she makes  all men get raised

wife(2:51:03 AM): i was teling him abt u

husband (2:51:10 AM): wat do u mean
husband (2:51:11 AM): ?

wife(2:51:18 AM): tell him male...

male (2:51:32 AM): she is the most powerful girl i have ever seen
male (2:51:48 AM): she has the guts to make me **** her in front of you

husband (2:51:48 AM): ah ok, tahxn again... but why?
husband (2:51:54 AM): ?
husband (2:51:57 AM): suddenly?

wife(2:52:10 AM): husband say him ur **** size

husband (2:52:16 AM): y

wife(2:52:19 AM): just say it

male (2:52:31 AM): its around 8
male (2:52:40 AM): could be a bit more when it raises

wife(2:52:59 AM): husband say him ur **** size

male (2:53:07 AM): hey husband

husband (2:53:12 AM): its 3-4

wife(2:53:16 AM): its 2-3

husband (2:53:21 AM): its 3

wife(2:53:26 AM): its 2

male (2:53:32 AM): whattt

wife(2:53:33 AM): say its 2 and i hv a small ****
wife(2:53:39 AM): say it
wife(2:53:42 AM): common

husband (2:53:50 AM): its 2 and i hv a small ****

male (2:54:05 AM): you know if you suck big ***** you will get some *** in your body and it helps grow your ****

wife(2:54:05 AM): say male urs is huge

male (2:54:14 AM): so if u suck a bigger one it might help you

wife(2:54:22 AM): say to male

wife(2:54:28 AM): dat sir u hve a big ****

husband (2:54:32 AM): y

wife(2:54:36 AM): shutup and say

husband (2:54:45 AM): u hv a big **** male

wife(2:54:58 AM): SAY SIR, U HVE A BIG ****

male (2:55:00 AM): you know u are a very good husband
male (2:55:09 AM): you satisfy every wish of your wife

husband (2:55:11 AM): sir u have a big ****

male (2:55:13 AM): now she started liking me
male (2:55:19 AM): and she ays that she needs me now
male (2:55:34 AM): she is a pretty unfaithful girl to you husband

husband (2:55:34 AM): but dats my wife

wife(2:55:47 AM): husband...

male (2:55:48 AM): just let her happy

wife(2:55:50 AM): listen to mey
wife(2:55:55 AM): say to male...
wife(2:56:02 AM): can i suck ur ****

male (2:56:02 AM): let me **** her cute ****

husband (2:56:11 AM): no i dont like dat

wife(2:56:15 AM): say it to him
wife(2:56:18 AM): common

husband (2:56:23 AM): y?

wife(2:56:33 AM): from now.. u wil just do wat i say and he says
wife(2:56:36 AM): now, do it
wife(2:56:38 AM): say it

husband (2:56:50 AM): can i suck ur ****?

male (2:56:56 AM): hey you are a good boy nw say that
male (2:57:19 AM): well its too big for you my boy let it be sucked by your wife first
male (2:57:29 AM): then after i **** your wife then you csan lick it
male (2:57:44 AM): lick your wife's blood on my **** when i **** her badly

husband (2:57:45 AM): i dont want u to **** my wife

wife(2:57:53 AM): hey again

male (2:58:09 AM): see its a 8inch long ****

wife(2:58:12 AM): i said na, just say wat we ask u

male (2:58:17 AM): your wife deserves it
male (2:58:18 AM): boy

wife(2:58:42 AM): husband say him... how long is ur boss's ****, and how u felt to suck it

husband (2:58:50 AM): its long...
husband (2:58:58 AM): it was hard to cuck it

male (2:59:29 AM): i love you wife

wife(2:59:37 AM): dats good
wife(2:59:52 AM): so male how many frnds u have?

male (3:00:23 AM): we are mainly eight friends who **** girls

wife(3:00:43 AM): among them whod would love to make husband suck thier *****?

male (3:00:47 AM): would u like us **** your sweet wife husband

husband (3:00:57 AM): i donno

male (3:01:07 AM): come on whats the problem
male (3:01:16 AM): we will also **** your ***

wife(3:01:29 AM): i told u suggest him as sir.. or eles, i wil put the chasity belt on u again

male (3:01:31 AM): and also give you our penises to suck after which you will grow your penis as well

husband (3:01:44 AM): ok sir

male (3:02:09 AM): i like you husband
male (3:02:12 AM): you are a good boy
male (3:02:18 AM): wife get him near me
male (3:02:26 AM): i want to make him suck my ****

wife(3:02:27 AM): husband follow ur master

husband (3:02:41 AM): yes sir...

male (3:02:42 AM): i wish his penis grows as well

wife(3:03:02 AM): husband, when u cuck his ****, i want u to lick his balls too...
wife(3:03:29 AM): and i dont want  ur lil sock to get hard when ur mater, makes u suck his ****
wife(3:03:39 AM): so but on the chaisty belt
wife(3:03:43 AM): ok?

male (3:03:47 AM): ok tell me who will lick your wife's ***** after i **** her in front of you

husband (3:03:51 AM): okk.. but is it necssary?

wife(3:04:04 AM): answer ur master husband, be a good dog

male (3:04:14 AM): just say bhow bhow

husband (3:04:31 AM): ok, i will suck it sir

male (3:04:47 AM): but my feet are also very dirty

wife(3:04:54 AM): and u to b naked also husband... wid just a bra on...

male (3:05:36 AM): husband will have a good bra

husband (3:05:39 AM): why bra

male (3:05:41 AM): give him a pink braa

husband (3:05:43 AM): ?

wife(3:06:01 AM): when u suck his and his frnds ****, i want u to look sexy
wife(3:06:06 AM): so dat they njoy

husband (3:06:11 AM): why his frnds also?

male (3:06:18 AM): yeah make hi wear ur panty on his mouth as well
male (3:06:40 AM): well do u like husband to obey you
male (3:06:50 AM): husband ur wife is a super girl yaar

wife(3:06:57 AM): yah ofcouse he will obeu coz u know

male (3:07:00 AM): i never found such a beautiful lady in my life

wife(3:07:03 AM): i hv a device here
wife(3:07:09 AM): dat  fits on husbands ****
wife(3:07:13 AM): and i colck it

male (3:07:15 AM): husband show me ur pis yaar

wife(3:07:22 AM): and his..

male (3:07:30 AM): pic

wife(3:07:30 AM): **** cant get erect
wife(3:07:41 AM): and he cant mustbarte or get horney

male (3:07:44 AM): then u can slowly lick my penis while i kis your wife's fanny

wife(3:07:45 AM): so he will follow me
wife(3:08:29 AM): husband while he and his frnds cuck me, i wil u to lick thier balls

male (3:08:30 AM): good boy

wife(3:08:35 AM):  to make them more excited

husband (3:08:45 AM): okk

male (3:08:53 AM): he can also lick our ***** from behind when we **** you
male (3:09:01 AM): but how many guys can you bear at one time
male (3:09:08 AM): should it be two or five or eight

wife(3:09:15 AM): 3 is ok, not more dan dat

male (3:10:02 AM): he is a good boy
male (3:10:04 AM): i feel
male (3:10:16 AM): he likes it
male (3:10:20 AM): husband say yes

wife(3:10:25 AM): well, given... husband will fully suck, ur **** and ur frnds...till u all *** in his mouth

husband (3:10:35 AM): yes sir.. ok

male (3:10:48 AM): he can also suck the cu from ur ***** when we **** you

wife(3:11:27 AM): i want ur frnds and u to suck husband from bakc, and 1 put the **** in his mouth... while i watch
wife(3:11:33 AM): u wil like it husband?

husband (3:11:40 AM): okk... i will do it

male (3:11:49 AM): good husband want to see u once
male (3:11:54 AM): u are a good vboy
male (3:12:08 AM): will u like us to make ur wife lick our *****

husband (3:12:23 AM): yah ok sir... as u want

male (3:12:29 AM): we all **** her at all the three holes in her ***** her *** and also her mouth
male (3:12:43 AM): good
male (3:12:58 AM): god going

wife(3:13:07 AM): cocmmon trun do ur rquest

male (3:13:08 AM): wife how did u find this guyh

husband (3:13:29 AM): can i lick ur balls sir, when u **** my wife?

male (3:13:40 AM): great job husband keep it up
male (3:14:01 AM): just lick everyones **** from your long tongue

wife(3:14:15 AM): husband dad's **** must b small also
wife(3:14:19 AM): dats why this happned

male (3:14:35 AM): you didnt se his **** before marriage

wife(3:15:15 AM): well it was arrenged so... did get a chnace
wife(3:15:21 AM): but on wedding nite
wife(3:15:24 AM): i found out
wife(3:15:29 AM): oh gosh wat is it
wife(3:15:33 AM):  a cigrate

male (3:15:48 AM): ok wife did you added me in your friends list

wife(3:16:00 AM): then after dat, his best frnd also became my best frnd
wife(3:16:43 AM): i was planing to go in , wid husband... and thre go to some beach resort wid a couple of guys, and hv fun
wife(3:16:59 AM): and ur follower will alyas follow commands

male (3:17:09 AM): how many friends of husband did you ****** with till now

wife(3:17:18 AM): 1

male (3:17:31 AM): husband why don you call other guys for more fun
male (3:17:36 AM): give her what she wants husband
male (3:17:57 AM): husband call your friends right now yaar
male (3:18:03 AM): atleast give her what she wants

husband (3:18:07 AM): i donno actually sir, she decides mostly, if she asked to mum, i accompnay...

male (3:18:22 AM): ohh good
male (3:18:48 AM): i dont want to see your penis up
male (3:18:58 AM): hey what if husband starts liking the penises and becomes a gay

wife(3:19:26 AM): he isnt gay, he dont like licking peniss, i make him do dat...
wife(3:19:30 AM): coz, i say him

male (3:19:35 AM): woow

wife(3:19:38 AM):  i wi let him mustrbarte by opening his belt
wife(3:19:41 AM):  after he do it

male (3:19:51 AM): husband what else will u do after wearing a bra
male (3:20:03 AM): let him do a pole dance for us

wife(3:20:20 AM): nah i dont like him dancing, its boaring..

husband (3:20:32 AM): i will rub ur **** sir... my wife likes dat

male (3:20:38 AM): what else
male (3:20:42 AM): where do we met now

husband (3:20:43 AM): and then... i will put lubricant in it

male (3:20:46 AM): meet now

wife(3:20:54 AM): i wil let u know,
wife(3:20:55 AM): later

male (3:21:03 AM): ok
male (3:21:11 AM): come husband lick my **** baby

husband (3:21:20 AM): okk sir...

male (3:21:22 AM): let ur wife be ur god

wife(3:21:28 AM): put it in his mouth
wife(3:21:38 AM): suck it husband

male (3:21:39 AM): he sucks it good
male (3:21:45 AM): looks like he is made for it

wife(3:22:08 AM): likes his best frnd also, made him suck it, after tiing his hand
wife(3:22:11 AM): 1st time

male (3:22:21 AM): in front of you

wife(3:22:24 AM): yaah

male (3:22:25 AM): wowwwww

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omg wat ****

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