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My 1st Time

Its actually "SREEMALIKA's" husband, posting hre now for this portion. My wife asked me to post abt my experiences once in her profile to let people know the other side also.
It all started for me 3months back, i came to know abt my wife's fantasies and faced them in reality & realized mine. Being alyas busy in work & all, i never much looked in to wat my wife needs in bed. Sometimes we had sex but i alyas felt she isn't much satisfied with me. I didnt thought of it much coz i had a idea she will never cheat on me or wil hv sex with some1 else. Though she was alyas very dominating & she often teased me, bt still i didnt had a idea of her actual fantasies.
One usual day, I was late from work like most days, back home. While going in my house i saw my friends car outside. I was a bit happy, coz haven't met my frnd for over a week. Thought surely he must hv dropped over to visit me as it has been few days of no talk.
I didn't call by his name while entering the house to greet him, rather i went in silently to make a sudden appearance. To my 1st strange surprise, it wasn't my one buddy it was my two buddies who dropped over, in any normal case, its a reason of joy, but... in this... to my 2nd strange shocking surprise, they were sitting over the couch, on both sides of my wife. Pretty close to her & joking with her. She was in a tight Tshirt & shorts, looked very sexy.
I was unable to react for sometime standing in the dark, behind the potted plants we set at our front door.
I was feeling extremely jealous & insulted, as i saw their hands on my wife. Rubbing her thighs & waist, joking & laughing wid her. She really seemed to njoy it.. It made me angry, i decided to go & confront & kick them out of my house. But the next moment i realized i hv no enough courage to do that.
i stood thre as if my legs are rooted to the ground, & watched on, as if i really wanted to watch though i m so very extremely jealous & feeling humiliated. I saw both of my frnds put their firm hands on my wife's bo-bs & started pressing them from both sides. She thoroughly njoying it. I wanted to go out from my house, i shouldn't at least see it, if i cant do anything. But couldn't turn my eyes away. Suddenly i felt that my tool is all erected & the having a good hard-on that i rarely achive. i didn't know the reason & neither my mind was thinking much dat time.
just after that i saw my wife, unzipping my two buddies & taking out their tools, they stood up in front of the couch. i watched with my jaw dropped, thier tools in my wife's hand. It was like something so huge, that my erected 1 looks a small limph compared to them. My wife started rubbing them with her hands & njoying the action. I rubbed mine, behind the shades.
the next part was composed of, my friends putting their huge tools in my wife's mouth & in her, i saw sliding her mouth up & down. .. i was jealous, insulted , humiliated & over all... horny.
while my friends left, i hid myself behind the nearest door,  they left in the car leaving my wife fully satisfied & me realizing my fantasy.
That was my 1st time, which lead to some other events similar to it.
My wife says she has other plans in mind for both of our enjoyment, which she will give me as a surprise....

sremalika sremalika 22-25, F 8 Responses Sep 6, 2010

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Good. Interesting. Sex

Thank God your hot wife has a brain ! are you that stupid man ? dont you know when ur wife wants to **** you >? . . . keep working ot. your wife is a normal beautiful lady ! she dont need ur lame ***. she is busy and happy in sex without you . she is a sexy hot ****. u are a **** .

Dude I'm sorry but your wife dosn't love you and is a huge ****!!!!

Wait.. your wife did your friends tools?! I call that "Honey I want a divorce"

Divorce? NO! NO! NO! I'd have walked in, **** in hand, and said "I'm next."

Gross Swingers you all disgust me.

Yet another bullshit story brought to you by the makers of..... PENTHOUSE FORUM!!!

More please!

woow, its seems your wife is giving u a great training & ur friends also.