I Slept With My Hsband's Friend

my husband is been alyas busy with his work and gave less time to me. presently after a long quarrel, we went for a holiday outside with his best friend, so dat he can give me enough time. but it turned out to be something different. his friend was so nice alyas with his behavior and looks of-course, we three hanged around together. mostly i was accompanied by his friend, my husband looked careless of the fact that his friend is alyas hanging around me. i also njoyed his presence close to me a lot. one night in hotel room, my husband gt slept after a long day of travelling around, i wasn't so sleepy so i was accompanied with his best buddy. we were talking and slowly, he disclosed me he finds me so attractive. the discussion grew naughty slowly. i told him that i also find him very handsome. he asked me in his room, so that we can sit and talk thre. when we went in, he suddenly started kissing me & touch me all over, i gave in to it. the sex was great, he was so better, i will not go in detail... but i really njoyed it. my husband don't know about this... and it has been a real adventure for me

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Maybe your husband wants his friend to do you?? Is he the type that has fantasies of his with with other men? I have known guys who ask their friends to do their wives so that they can hear the stories from them later.. .

Where you go from here really depends on your own morals and the nature of your relationship with your husband. Do you just feel neglected because he works a lot? That can lead to straying.<br />
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If you feel bad about it, you should let your husband's friend know it was a mistake and try to rekindle your husband's interest in you. It is rare that a man won't respond to his wife's attention.<br />
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If you think it's better this way, that your husband would rather work, then I imagine you'll be able to find other friends interested in spending time with you, too.

well you told us a little about your rendezvous with his friend... I agree with evelyn 2009, give us the details, I am sure you shared the details with a female friend probably... so why not share here, afterall you remain anonymous. <br />
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regarding your husband, not a perceptive man is he !!! how could he not tell that his friend was interested in his wife.... or maybe he knew !!!! just a thought.

You must really love your husband.

please don't. maybe your husband, i dunno, trusted you not to **** his friend, and that's why he wasn't suspicious? poor guy.