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as my husband is alyas busy in work & tired when bak home, i really found life very boring the past year. i tried so much, to amuse myself up & get my husband also in mood but, it all failed, he is kinda too much in to his work. with a feeling of irritation to my husband & frustration with my life, i was passing my days. but after a certain incident in a holiday, which i posted hre earlier, things hv  changed. now, i find life very sexually interesting, my husband is a good man & i love him, but he is too much busy for me & i want some sexual adventure in life. so with that incident i started having sex with his buddy & his boss also. ....... it happened few days back, when my husband took me to his office for the foundation day gathering. 

...... it was full of people, talking to me and also my husband... we got busy thre, entertaining ourselves. Suddenly my husband introduced me to his boss. (handsome man). we three talked for a while, formal talks. ..then my husband got called by one his office-met. so his boss & i was left alone to talk.... after a few rounds of formal talks, he started getting frank with me.... after getin a bit flirty.. i said, " my husband wil realy b jealous if he sees me talking like this" .

.....he said  "thats not a problem, i can get ur husband busy with some work now, so that u & me can get some talk freely".....i just laughed, as if i don't  believe him. he called my husband & offerd him some files saying its urgent & to finsh dem  immediately. ..... my husband got busy with the files & told me he will b bak in some time.

.........his boss smiled at me & asked me in his cabin for some tea & chat. we went in & talked,  the discussion slowly grew very naughty... & his boss was so open in flirting with me. i looked often at my husband behind the mirror-glass beside his boss's cabin. his boss undrstood  me & said  " ur husband cant see u, ur safe & free"...... ... saying this he continued flirting with me & slowly touching me. i got excited also.... it continued till we got in sex... in his cabin.. it was a real... excitement & adventure for me......he was real aggressive....(i might sound nasty saying this. but again i wont go in detail)

later my husband finshd his work and took me bak home, he never knew the party was so fun for me.... and i like it that way.....

its my real life eventm please any 1 who read this leave a comment on wat u think about it... 

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I have no respect for anyone who cheats, not too mention who brags about it likes it something to be proud of.....

super story... I also had sex with my husband's boss.

random sex with another guy is ok, but dont make it routine thing which will damage ur marriage life

yes i fully agree, random sex is very important for a women
i allow my wife to go out with her male friends for some fun every now and then
she comes back to me fresh like a newly young girl

Hey sexy ! in this day and age economically . i have known 3 mates who have ignored , yet knwe theor wives, gf 's ****** their boss, its happens babe. u are hot and sexy and very generous and daring as a lover . im all in babe . quite the hor **** u are . it turns you on too. it turns me on too. xo peter

Please tell that lovely story in detail... I would like to read ... thanks

Your stories just show me that you like making an *** out of the one you say you love and your putting his job in jeapardy. Man, with a wife like you who needs enemies.

i like it. don't worry about going into details!!

we just found out a few weeks ago that the originator of this post is really a man. We are embarrassed and apologize profusely!!!


You are a hot woman.<br />
Just make sure your husband never finds out.<br />
And be sure your boss is keeping his mouth shut.

woman, when you talk like this, it makes me warm, i can feel that your hot and ready to fry! like your style!

I agree with the poster above me. It is going to be the end of the marriage as the story keeps on being written. Guilt and shame is yet to follow. <br />
<br />
I disagree with the actions that are being performed here.

Love your story wish I had someone like u walk into my life.

Well, I will be very honest....you are making a fool out of your husband! To have sex with his co-workers and boss, you are risking his career and his reputation. Show some respect for him....it is bad enough that you are cheating on him but then you have to cheat on him there and from another story I read, with his friends. It is unfortunate that he works a lot and you are lonely, but perhaps a constructive hobby would be good. Now don't get me wrong, I am all for exploration sexually, but ONLY if my lover &/or husband are aware and for it. And if he was aware of it, I still wouldn't **** around with his co-workers/boss!!!!!<br />
<br />
Sorry, I have no respect for what you have choosen to do and I feel sorry for your husband!<br />
<br />
Just my opinion!

You seem to be a hot, young, and sexy woman whose urges are not being satisfied by your husband. Just be careful and keep your side discretions out of your husbands job as that might come back to bite you and hurt your husbands reputation at work. What I mean is that, men in the corporate arena like to talk and show off... so he might brag to someone on confidence and then the story and gossipping starts... imagine how it would be for your hubby if all in the office knew you were ******* several people in the office and then he suddenly found out. Soooo, the point is, keep it out of your husbands work area. What are you going to do if the boss approaches you again, and may be this time you dont want to have sex... will he make life miserable for your husband or find a way to fire him or say if you dont perform as he wants your husband will not get a promotion etc etc. You get the point, so be careful ! <br />
<br />
With that said, I do want to hear the details of you and his friend and boss pleaaaase ! :-) . Cheers.

ohhh..i just envy your husband's boss bcoz i'm also a boss / owner of my company n lots of gals n womens work in my co.. but never get so hot chance to enjoy sex in my office..!