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i alyas wanted a place where i can rite about myself  ......... properly, coz some discussion can not b made with people we live in. i was married when i was 22, i hv been a very faithful wife for 1year, i did all wat it takes to make my husband happy.... i tried every ways to amuse him and make him excited, get him in to mood, attract in for sex & more attention on me. but he is been alyas so different, more interested in work, mostly outside in office or work trip..... things were getting so boring for me & unbearable. .... ... but then those incident happen that lead me to a idea about secret sex..... ... i alyas wanted a place where i can post my experience & people can read & comment on it... & my search lead to this site.... i really wanna thank those who read my experience & commented on it....... ...

as my previous 2 post & comments on them, yaah its true... i should keep myself away from my husband work place, and i did that, after my 1st experience & its okk, in that side now...... but i often meet his best buddy.... ... he has 2 best friends, and i had sex secretly with each of them.....  ... both were of-course better than my husband.......and i often find chance to get in with them... (separately of-curse)

the idea & the action of having sex, secretly with my husband's friend is very adventurous in itself.. that attracts me more.... (i may sound sick, but its just the truth),.... my life isn't boring anymore.... i just get enough chances.. to get in with my hubby's friends.

my husband, is a good man.... and he helps me & supports me a lot, if i ask..... but i guess he lacks the basic idea... that, a girl needs some extra care from her partner & sex is equally important in a relation..... he is this days, a bit possessive with me.. ... coz may b he thought i m looking out a bit more... but i enjoy this......even though he is possessive but he still couldn't gather enough time for me, dat give me enough chances to get wid his buddies(he has no idea about my secret sex & he thinks that thing is impossible for me).....

so thats it....... i would really like to share my experiences here, eventually as my personal dairy.......and if i receive any comments from any 1, i will b really thankful

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hi can we be friends to share stories

its nothing rong i had also sex with my sister in law

I think that you should tell your husband in frankly to join your wild feeling festival as ********* way.

My Mom had sex with my father's friend too!

Couldn't be more of a spiteful b*tch if you tried.

You go girl! Of course you should enjoy sex with anyone you like!

That was uncalled for, u could've just told him to give you more attention rather than cheating on him with his 2 best friends!! Now thats just sick!<br />
And how would ur husband feel if he figuers out.... Is he gonna forgive u for doing that.<br />
Now, he is working all day with 2 of his friends whom have had sex with his wife!!!<br />
Think about that.

you really doing bad job,you shd not cheat your husband.......in case if he had done this to you how would you feel ha?????????????<br />
your one of the worst wife i ever seen in my life........and you will pay for it soon.

you really doing bad job,you shd not cheat your husband.......in case if he had done this to you how would you feel ha?????????????<br />
your one of the worst wife i ever seen in my life........and you will pay for it soon.

everyones got problems ...it doesnt u take step like.. this i think u don't deserve him ...i really agree u d be a terrible wife ...god bless ur husband if he cheats on u and divorce u & havee a happy family wid some other girl...

Lovely girl nothing wrong in that do enjoy ....

i read all ur stories, its very exciting, in ur recent post, the conference u hv said that ur husband hv accepted the fact that he is a cuckold. if u don't mind, why don't u let him post his experience about it in ur profile. will love to hear from him

I would suggest doing this, cutting off the other men for the sake of the marriage. Give your husband time to initiate sex. You are going to eventually invite divorce in a heartbeat. One day other men will take a glance at you, this will come out in open. Remember you will need to relocate to another town, once you get a rep for being a ***** who sleeps with men on her husband. You will be used for one thing that is sex. my question to you is why throw your wife duties down the drain and throw your trust you already got with husband down the toilet, why, why , why do you have to engage in a dangerous type of relationship that can help give you Stds.

I'm sorry, but I have to say this.<br />
You are a terrible wife. Pretty much the worst kind.<br />
Your husband's friends, they suck too.<br />
It sounds like he tries so hard to provide for you, and you screw him over. Though he does have issues, you made the wrong choice.

Your activities are okay, and you will be open to many adentures. I suspect you have sex anywhere, including your house. Make sure you use code names, or places to identify what you want and where.<br />
Having affairs with guys your husband know is extreme dangerous, subject to divorce in a heart beat. Prepare for that senerio and set aside a minium of $5,000, because that is what it will take to find a new place if you need too. Also, make sure loans, credit cards, mortgage are in his primary name. This way you can be financially free if divorce accures. However, keep your insurance in your name, that is a life time need.

thanks for sharing... this place is where one can come and let it all out ...