The Party...

1st i really wanna thank those who commented on my experience  b4, ... thanx a lot..... i wanna say that... i m not here to justify wat i m doing or prove myself rite or wrong or to defend myself...... i know what i m doing, & i can handle it.... i hv my reasons & situation for doing this. i just want to post my experience here, so that people ( who r interested in reading ) can know about it also... ... thanks for any 1 who comments on it, anything.

i wanna share a incident.. once when we ( my husband & me).. was invited in his best friend's house for a simple reunion. it was evening time, when we reached thre was 2more guy with their partners other than my hubby's best buddy.... the party started normally. talking drinking occasionally. .... i hvnt had sex for about 3 weeks that time, i was a bit lusty for it.... my hubby's friend also kind of finding chances to get close to me.... but my husband was just siting beside me & thre wasnt a chance to get a break....

soon the turn came for the dinner... i got myself busy in arranging the table for all... ... my hubby's buddy took a glass came to the fridge near me as if acting to fill it up with water.... he whispered in me...that he will make my husband stay lil longer when everyone is gone, so that he can get me lil separately..... i was ok with it...... ... so we went on.. as normal

the party was nice, and soon after the other members r also gone bak their home leaving my husband, me & his best friend...... my husband & his friend didn't stop drinking & i could notice... his friend is pouring him more wine every time than he takes for himself..... i was excited... & i was waiting for the thing watts coming next.....

when the drinking was enough to get over my husband.... half conscious...his friend made me a quick gesture to take him (my husband) & carry him to a room, i followed, ..... i took him by his hand , supporting his shoulder & carried  him stumbling in his feet  to the bed room, and we laid thre......  ...

i was thre for about 30mins.... when i noticed my husband, is in extreme deep sleep & its hard to wake him up now even if i shout near his ears.....i got up and i left the room, .....

as soon as i was out from my husband's room, his friend hold me by my hand & told he was really waiting for long.....i was excited also, coz as i told his friend was extremely handsome & lot better in sex....

we sat down together over the couch & talked together in a flirty & naughty way... slowly wich got really close.......the sex was really great & a bit aggressive as i like....(as usual i will not go in detail)... but it was really nice....

later i came bak to my husband's room & laid beside him.. normally.....

next morning, we went bak home.. as usual and my husband again got busy in work... but the adventure i had thre was great...

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Great Story. Make me hard rock.

yes it is really a avery good experience. Once I have faced the same situation

very great

ya its great experience
but shall inform husband that what he is thinking about this

wow so hot please add me

Love the story. Love the fact you put at first place. We al have wild desire and to have some different feeling. Why not if opportunity knocks without breaking the rythem of life...

As a divorce lawyer, I encourage you to do more of this. It's good for business. By the way, he has a gorgeous girlfriend so he is not paying much attention to you. Just kidding.

Wonderful story muah

commenters here are like a pack of rabid dogs... one pounces, get's a bite in and all the rest follow. OMG<br />

It happens, I never did planed sex with other than my husband, but it happened 3 times in my life when I had accidental sex with other guys for 3 times

Wow you must be very insecure skanky to do this. Since you're indian don't forget Karma it's a B*tch like you:)

I would love it if my wife would do that!

Your grammar is fabulous! Do you really think that anyone will ever take your writing seriously when your too lazy to use punctuation, spell words out or use capitalization?

Typical *****. Boohoo your husband works so you can have a nice life what a victim. I'd like to give a big **** you. Since the poor bastard isn't aware enough to do it himself.

Its hard to believe you write a story on helping out on sleeping with your husband's friends. What would happen if you became pregnant with the other man's child? How are you going to deal with the selfish feelings? How are you going to deal with the baby not looking like your husband while watching him or her grow up looking like the other man features? These have to be asked in order to open your eyes to the reality instead of dreaming about being in high school. You are a woman now, living a real world marriage with husband. Now your husband is the man of the house, right!. Now you will be dealing with guilt that will eat at you every day this occurs. Unless you stop in the cold tracks. You will plant yourself into a deep regret hole that you will have try to dig out of as time passes on. Infidelity is like a forbidden fruit that feels good but comes at a high cost of guilt. If that is what you want. Feel free to continue. However the baby that is about to be born into the world from the other guy or guys will be a mark you will have to answer later on with fear of being resented. Try and picture this, Imagine looking at your husband that has been made a cuckhold smiling while you are full of shame and guilt looking at kids running around looking like the other men. Do you possibly think it is going to look cool? I think not. I would suggest stopping this now, I have gotten busted more than once cheating on my girlfriend. She has hollered in a room where me and my other woman was getting it on, boy you are talking about shock and guilt. I cannot look myself in the mirror to shave. I see the guilty person daily. If this is what you want. go on and enjoy this act. I know I will have to make changes with my personal feelings. All people are welcome to comment on me or tell me a few words. I cannot stand to look at anyone. I feel hollow and empty. I see a girlfriend whom I cheated on constantly crying her eyes out. I am guilty here, I am going to start today to make myself better. Infidelity is a killer of good relationships. This is all I have to say here.

I hope for your sake that your husband doesn't find out about your little adulterous liaison with his "best friend". You have so little respect for him and yourself and then to brag about it, is beyond credulity.<br />
The "best friend" to your husband, he is not. He has violated the most sacred trust that two men can have and he, the "best friend" is the lowest of the low of any form of human there is, and you rank right in there with him; simply because you are equally guilty.<br />
I don't apologize for saying what I have or feeling the way I do, simply because what has happened to your husband happened to me.<br />
<br />
What did I do when I found out about it. I divorced the b_ _ _ h and named her paramour as a co-respondent. I won't go into the details, but that little tryst cost him his marriage. So, two marriages were ruined for having ten minutes of sex.<br />
<br />
Find something better to do with your time.

Wow, I just can not believe that you have so little respect for yourself and your is sad, really sad! I am not sure who I am amazed by for knowing what you are doing is wrong and yet don't give a **** or in the men that are actually encouraging your infidelity and stories. <br />
<br />
And to top it off, you seem proud of it.<br />
<br />
Please get a hobby......

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