A Short Adventure

here is something i wanna post that happened just past day...... i hope u will like reading it....

in the morning i was usually in the house, when i received a call from my husband that he and his friend is coming over just for a break,... i was wasnt sure anything gonna happen today, coz my husband will b thre....

but when his best buddy & he arrived... i saw his friend just looking all through me, but i just remained normal...

we sat over the couch, talked for a while... suddenly my husband suggested that, we need something to eat..... i was geting up to prepare something .. while his friend said looking towards me, that u both prepare the lunch & he is gonna get to my comp, to fix it...!!

i was surprised for a while coz my comp didnt had any prob.... but then i got his motive & just supported his words. 

my husband & me got busy.. i making the food & his fried went up to my room to get a look over the comp....   .. soon i was called by him asking for some DVD of OS.... i told my husband 2 continue & went up....

when i m in room.. his friend held my waist & started touching me all over.. asking for sex.. i wasnt ready.... i just said no... coz my husband is just down...cooking... ... cant take that risk... he insisted... .... and he asked me for a quick B/J ...... i was ok with it.... & i love it also....

we continued for 15-20mine... while my husband was cooking down...later when its over, i came down.....fixing myself.. & ready for the food....

i loved this sudden excitement... hope u will also, love reading it

sremalika sremalika
22-25, F
8 Responses Feb 23, 2010

nice story

I know it is thrilling but to me it's wrong.
Doing this behind your husband's back.
If I am your husband, I will skin you alive if in the know, after which I will screw you up upside down to kingdom come !

Damn! girl, you are a super ****!

Imagination and fantasies have no limit. This is too good to be true. In any case if it is true, and unless your husband has craving for adultrous wife where he can boast around about the filthy adventures of his wife, I personally pity your husband. But dont take it seriously. People have different orientations. May be your husband has screwed your family members behind your back.....lol

You disgust my like to the point if throwing up. What kind of person are you. Your husband obviouly deserves some one way better than you. <br />
<br />
Instead of doing what ever job you have now you would be good as a tric considering you already turn them for anybody who gives you a look:)

just fantasy

Wonderful experience sremalika :) ....I love how you took care of your hubby's friend while hubby was down cooking. it was really naughty to read and your hubby must be one lucky guy to have such a nice wife ..hehe

Hmmm. this is so exciting. i like ur posts