Massage Part 2


Oh My! I am still aching from the last “massage”. I must admit, the actual massage has been getting shorter and shorter… but the therapy is definitely LONGER! His **** is so hard, thick and long, I just can’t wait for the next one. I think this one will be all I ever dreamed of.   I shake just thinking about it, my massage today! Partly because I am nervous and can’t believe that I am doing this, with this younger man, in a public place and partly because the anticipation of holding his warm **** in my hands and his hot, wet mouth on mine drives me wild!   I am lying here in the waiting room, music in my ears and my hands on my nipples and *****. Gently rubbing, soothing my need for him, for now! I am already wet, and my nipples couldn’t be any harder! Hurry Up! I can’t stand this anymore.   “Hey, come on in.” Justin seems so normal, was our last session it, as far as it will go? Or is he like me, burning inside but trying to remain calm and professional.    This time I take my robe off in front of him, pausing just long enough before I get under the sheets. “My neck is aching more than last time! I think we’ll have to work harder today.” I couldn’t help but tease, but I got the response that I wanted! He seems flustered, blushing and I noticed he swallowed hard before responding simply, “Okay.”   I lay there on the table and I noticed that he was already growing under his shorts today. I couldn’t help but squirm under the sheets as he approached me from behind my head and shoulders.   His touch on my skin is so wonderful. His hands so strong and gentle, warm and soothing as they massaged my aching neck, rubbing the hot oil onto my skin. This time I had draped the sheet so that my nipples were barely covered and by the time he finished with my neck, they were completely uncovered. I caught him staring at them more than once.    He moved onto my breasts. Squirting the hot oil onto them, I couldn’t help but think about his hard **** pumping his *** onto them just two days earlier. The oil was just as warm. Oh how his hands and fingers felt, lightly pinching my nipples and squeezing my breasts. He pulled my arms back again, behind my head, holding them down with his waist this time, as he rubbed and squeezed my **** harder.    This time there was no need to do this to have the sheet, slip away. He was holding me down, as if to keep me from getting away, so that he could have control over me! I left my arms there while he stoked the hot oil underneath my arms, down my sides over my **** and rubbing my hard nipples.   I reached for him with my hands and found his **** already erect, hard as a rock! I squeezed on it for what seemed an eternity. His grip was getting stronger on my breasts and his breathing was picking up the pace. I looked up at him and saw that his forehead was starting to bead with sweat. Finally, he slowed down and said, “Shall I continue with your neck or would you like the full service spa treatment.”   This was it! I could see that he was still breathing heavily and there was no hiding his huge ****, straining the seams of his shorts. I didn’t know what to say. I had been dreaming of his hot **** sliding into me between my thighs all night and day since the last time. I managed to force out, “full service please”.   I was laying there, sheet barely between my legs, breasts fully exposed watching him undress. He took off his shirt and I could see that this young man had a body older than his age. He was lean and muscular. Not a bodybuilder, but more of a swimmers body, no fat, just nice and tight! He had taken off his shorts and I noticed that he had not been wearing anything underneath. His **** stood there, semi erect and thick.   He walked over to me and leaned down to place his moist lips on mine. My ***** was already so wet, I didn’t know if I could wait any longer. His tongue ran along the outside of my lips and he kissed and licked my neck and shoulders.   I reached out and wrapped my arms around his neck and took his tongue completely into my mouth, sucking on his tongue and watching his **** responding to my touch. I grabbed it and began to slowly stroke it back and forth until his hips were moving back and forth, aiding my movement.   Suddenly he stopped and removed the sheet from my legs! My ***** was dripping as he rubbed my clitoris and parted my lips with his long fingers.   He climbed up onto the table and spread my legs wide apart. He was stroking his **** by himself now and I could not believe that he was going to **** me! God how I wanted him to **** me!   He leaned over me and kissed me once again, passionately, wet, hot! At the same time I felt the tip of his **** part my lips and push inside my *****. He was so hot and I was so wet that the rest of his shaft slid right inside me and I couldn’t help but let out a long pleasurable moan.    Oh My God! He was so big, and it felt so good! I wrapped my legs around his *** and pulled him into me further. I couldn’t take it any more! He leaned down while pumping his hard **** into me over and over again and placed his warm lips and tongue over my nipple and sucked hard!    I exploded my *** all over his ****! I started to moan louder, but he jammed his tongue into my mouth, kissing me intensely so that no one could hear me. My ***** was spasming from my ****** over and over as he ****** me harder and harder.   The room was so warm and his body was so hot. My body was already soaked from his sweat and I could feel his chest, his nipples, sliding against mine as he rocked his body back and forth, pushing his **** into me as hard as he could.   I leaned up and sucked on his nipples, his body was perfect! His lips on mine, my lips and tongue on his neck. Sucking and licking each other where ever we could.    He reached down and grabbed my *** with both hands. His strong fingers lifted me up grinding my clitoris into his pelvic bone. Rubbing back and forth on him while his hot thick **** was throbbing inside me, he reached over and slid one of his fingers into my ***.    I moaned deeply and he pumped his **** harder and harder into me, never letting go of my ***, sucking on my nipples and moving his finger back and forth inside my ***. I came again and again, multiple times, arching my back, his tongue inside my mouth, sucking, licking, kissing. I was biting my lip so as not to scream.   As I was still ******* he let go, wrapped his strong arms around me and lifted me up onto him, thrusting his tongue into my mouth to muffle my scream. I couldn’t help it, damn anyone who could hear us, I didn’t care.   I was now sitting on his lap, and his **** was fully buried into my *****. I leaned forward and pushed him down, grinding my clitoris on him. I was going to *** again. I don’t think my heart can take much more of this!   He leaned up and grabbed my **** with both hands and sucked on my nipples as hard as he could, squeezing and squeezing them as I rocked back and forth on his ****. I came again for the forth time, hard, strong, and long. I barely had any voice left in me but a whimpering, “Oh my god your **** feels so good. **** me harder Justin!”   He did just that, harder than before and faster than before, he was starting to moan himself, and I realized he was going to ***. I stood up and slid his **** out of me, then back down into his lap. With his hands still squeezing my ****, I pumped and stroked his hard **** as fast as I could. It was wet from my ***** and *** and burning hot. Up and down, up and down, I bent my head down and sucked on the tip of his ****!    He exploded onto my face!  I leaned back and continued to jerk him off, showering my **** with his ***! Over and over again his hot white liquid shot onto my ****, so warm, so wonderful. Slowly, finally he finished.   There we lay, hot, sweating, breathless! Our chest heaving from the amazing sex, our bodies completely spent.   He turned over and looked at me, “I believe our session is up”.
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Good for you (and him). This is why massage is so erotic.....Even after therapeutic massages, I just have to **** or get some release. Thankfully, I have had many experiences like this.


You really relayed this encounter very well I wonder if my friend felt the same way when I massaged her? I should check out the signs next time

Damn baby!! Your ability to clearly articulate your encounter actually places the reader there! Awesome job. Methinks Justin knows how fortunate he is!<br />
<br />

A perfect 'climax' from Part 2 if I say so myself!! This is what I dream of being able to do but I have a few things to get in order first. That was an excellent story and I envy Justin. Oh to be your therapist (or any hot willing woman's therapist). Ladies, check out my profile and let me know if you're near me and we'll see what we can do.

I did massage for 9 yrs. I have so many TRUE stories like that. Thanks for sharing it from a womans perspective.


OMG now why is dvijay clean here .. I'm going to spank his nasty arise . This was 100 times sexually explicate , and I need a new masseur ... lol and a fuc*ing shower haha<br />
<br />
omg that was alot or writing i hate to type * cheers to you *

Very very hot.My co** is throbbing hard.

This is very erotic. Wow, is all I can say!