I Slept With My Mom When Drunk

Ok so here it goes, Me and my mother went on a vacation  again to toronto to go to my aunts wedding.

we had to look good for the wedding so i put on a tux and WOW my mom dressed so WOW =O, she put on a mini skirt and a take top and when she went by me she bent down and i saw no Underwear! and i was like umm MOM? are you gonna put on a underwear? and she said of course! and she put it on finally HAHA but it kinda made got a ***** from it!

Now were at the wedding and im having a few drinks and same with my mom and my mom looked to sexy for all the older guys because she was dirty dancing with her mini skirt and i thought the same way to !anyways i noticed i didnt seen my mom for alomst anhour so i got suspicious and i looked for her and when i went to the bathrooms i saw her pantese hanging down from her legs while a guy was licking her and i was like WTF i went in and i said lets go im getting tired so we did anyways.

Im drinving back with my mom and shes pretty hammered and same with me!  so i had to help her out go to the hotel room and when i brought her to the room i layed her down on the bed so she can sleep and yeah but i was not tired so i when i went to bed beside her and i noticed something strange touching me and when i looked behind me my mom was touching me =O but yeah i got a ***** myself to so i pulled her pantese off and ripped it and i started fingering her and she moaned loud and i stopped becuz i was about to *** and the next morning my mom was laying on her stomach all but naked and i was drunk becuz i hadnt sleep all night and drinking lots.

she said i know you want to be in me ! and yeah i pulled down my pants and she helped out with me so i gave her anal sex and we did it like for almost 2hours only anal and wow for the truth i enjoyed it and my friends also did this to =) but we hardly remember much though this is all i remember

thanks for reading

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I'm calling BS on this stuff.

Add me please

add me

add me

got pics of your mom?

my mom was a real bar ****.

my mom was a drunk single mom too. I saw her tons. felt her up too when she wud be passed out. I stoooked to this story.

i would have hump your moms pantyhose legs while she slept then *** **** her & & put my **** in her mouth<br />
then roll her over on her tummy & lifted her *** up & then **** like crazy all night then *** on her face