First Time For The Sister

My wife used to go out twice a week for her girlfriend get togethers.  They played some game that was the rage at the time and rotated homes where they would meet.  To keep me company while she was gone, her younger sister would stay and help baby sit the kids.   If I needed to go out, she could handle things for a few hours.  On one of those evenings, the kids were in bed, the sister in law and I were watching some scary movie on TV.  She said she was frightened and could she sit near me.  While she was 17 years old, she was skinny and very slow to develop physically. I had never looked at her as a sexual person. She was just the sister of my wife, who was a knockout in every respect.  Her sister had very large round **** on a very skinny chest.  They pushed her shirts or sweaters out only slightly.  Her nipples were strong, and usually hard and the areola protruded like a cone along with the hard nipple, looking as though she was just starting to develop.

She would often find a reason to sit close to me, even when her sister was home, so I didn’t consider her request as out of the ordinary.   She was wearing baby doll pajamas and I had my old flannels on, ready for bed.  This evening when she came over to sit next to me, she pressed up against my arm, making it uncomfortable so I raised it and let it fall behind her on the sofa back.  She snuggled up as close as she could get, letting her hand fall down on my right leg just above the knee.  Her hand was very warm.  I looked down at her and noticed that the wife’s baby doll pajama she was wearing were a few sizes to large and the top had pulled away and she was exposing her entire chest.  This was my first look at how developed she had actually become in the chest area..  She looked up at me and when she saw what I was looking at.  She said they just won’t grow.  I heard myself saying that maybe if they were rubbed and sucked on they might.  In one motion she revolved her body to where she had a knee on each side of my hips, kneeling that way with her chest in my face.  A shake and the pajama top fell down around her waist and she said, do it.  I did, taking both breast in my hands and alternating them in my mouth.  First sucking one then the other, each one until the nipple was sticking out like a sword and the areola was red.

After some time of doing this, she told me to stop it was starting to hurt.  By this time my **** was so hard I feared it would break the skin.  It had come out of the fly opening on the front of my pajama bottoms.  She looked down and said I’m going to touch that, as she slid off my knees down to kneel in front of me.  Obediently I spread my legs for her to have better access to my **** which so hard it hurt and felt it would burst open any minute.  She popped the rest of the snaps off my bottoms and took my balls in her left hand, then wrapped her right hand around the shaft.   Of course by this time the pre-*** was flowing heavily when she said, I want to taste that.  Before I could answer she had gotten up on her knees and put her mouth down and licked the end of it.  Then she put half the head in her warm mouth, her hand on the shaft she closed her lips and licked under the head with her tongue.  That was all I could take.  I let fly with a huge blast of ***.  The first Spurt was a surprise causing her to pull back, taking half of it in her mouth and the rest on her face and in her hair. By the next one she had moved her head aside and I got it in my face and down my chest.  As I kept coming she kept rubbing my balls in her left hand enjoying the way they pulsed as I came.   Then she started to giggle, the giggle turned into a laugh, when I started to also laugh.  Here we were two *** cover people giggling like crazy with her still holding my **** and balls.  My little skinny sister in law, had learned a new trick.

I told her we should clean up, and led the way into the bathroom where we threw our clothes into the laundry as we ********, then we got in the shower together.  I used a warm water and soap with a wash cloth to clean my face, then used it to clean her face. I found the wife’s shampoo and cleaned the *** out of her hair. She took the soap and wash cloth, then started washing my chest and groin. We continued switching back and forth washing on each others body for a long time, then stepped out of the shower, and dried each other with a large bath towel.   Then to the bedroom to find clean pajamas to put on.  She sat on the bed and I pusher her over until she was laying with her hips on the edge.  She had made me feel so good, I wanted to return the favor.  Kneeling between her legs, I started to rub on her stomach just above the pubes.  She had soft silky hair, barely there, but enough so I could put my mouth down on it and softly exhale my hot breath on her mound.  She squirmed at that action, and when I licked her young **** she giggled with pleasure. Slowly I worked at it until I could get my tongue in side enough to lick her hole.  Flicking her young **** sent her into spasms.  Shortly after that she threw her hips in the air and had her first real ******.  Licking her ****, I could taste her juices as they flowed and it really turned me on.   That was when she told me that her brother used to put his **** in her *******.   Could I do that.

I made my way to the bathroom and came back with a petroleum jelly covered ****, with a gob on my fingers I had her kneel on the bed and spread it over and into her cute little *******. I doubted it would expand to accept what I had to offer, but I tried.  I worked my pointy **** head into her in her *** and was surprised to have it go in with no problem apparently.  The used to time was not that far in the past.  This was the first *** I had ever screwed, and I pounded on it hard, going fully in and almost fully out.  She said I should stop as I was bigger than her brother and it hurt that way.   She then ask me if I had a rubber so I could do it in her ****.  I told her no I didn’t, but if getting pregnant was her worry I had been cut in a vasectomy so I couldn’t make anymore babies.   That made her happy and she said we should **** then.  Back to the bathroom where I washed any residue from her ******* off my **** and again covered it with jelly. 

When I started to put it in, it wasn’t so easy as her *** had been.  Apparently her brother hadn’t been there before. Putting my, by now fully engorged **** into that small ***** was a bit of a problem.  I was so tight even after my oral workout, that I shot my load, not into her **** but mostly on it.   That was the first time we had sex together, but it was far from the last time.  When the wife returned from her outing, we were both asleep on the couch, the TV set the only light, and she couldn't raise either one of us.  She said the next day I must have had a hard day at work yesterday, because I was whipped out last night.  I agreed.  I will tell you more about sex with the SIL in another post.

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Nov 22, 2010