It's Better When There's Feelings There...

You weren't even attracted to him... your friend was but she hurt you so much, she used you to get to him, she made out with you in a bathroom at a party while drunk... Then he walks in, he's calm but has that slightly wild look in his eyes. You did it with him, couldn't even look him in the face, didn't kiss him, just screwed him, got upset and left...

You thought you liked her, everything was good as long as she wanted to be a she but then she wanted sex with her penis. Confused? I am. Then you hated her, you wanted rid of her, got upset... and slowly drifted away. Ditched her, tried to make her hate you but it didn't work.

You just want to forget about them both... pretend it never happened. I don't want to be reminded, it all happened a good 8-14months ago... Sex with someone means nothing, if there's no feeling it means nothing. I don't owe anything to them but they think I do.
elpatitofeo elpatitofeo
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1 Response Apr 9, 2011

THIS WHOLE ARTICLE IS REALLY CONFUSING! Your friend hurt you so you sleep with a guy she's with, because after all, she did use you to get to him, so what does that mean-you liked him first? Also, this part about her wanting to be a she and wanting sex with her penis. Huh!