Don't Expect Me to Feel Guilty.

I guess I don't consider it "feeling nothing" because something is felt for everyone I ever encounter. Whether it be lust, contempt, whatever, it's still a feeling...

I do this often. I'm told it's a result of my "mental condition." When I was younger I took that as an excuse to be rude and malicious, however, I'd like to think I've changed that way of thinking. At least the intentional part of it.

I've hurt plenty of people because of this. Between my lack of judgement or lack of emotion, I've hurt people around me. IE sleeping with the people my friends are interested in, were interested in, etc. although I've never slept with a friend's boyfriend. Not that it makes it any better. For THAT, I apologize. I don't, however, feel bad about having sex. Without "feeling." Because I felt.

And it was good...

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There used to be a time in my life when I would allow people to make me feel like a bad person, because I've had sex numerous times and no love was ever involved. Anyway, what makes sex sex and what makes it become love making? Don't you have to be in love to make love? I am so grateful to authors like Zane and Mary B. Morrison, who have made it easy for us to be sexually liberated women who just like SEX. AND I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE FOR ENJOYING GREAT SEX!

It's called the difference between f*&king and making love. Fu*&ing is a human need as is making love. Making love entails your whole soul and body. Fu786ng just entails your body. Making love is between those "In Love." I would rather make love any day, although there have been times in myyouth when I just needed a good f*&k.

Jrabbit, if it makes you feel better, I was at a party one time and I introduced myself to this REALLY really hot guy. I thought maybe I'd try to have a go... His response, "Yeah, I know. We had sex at a party last year..." Ouch. Oops! hehehe. We're friends now, but that was embarrassing!<br />
And PeedeeDog, I hear ya! <br />
As for praveendreamsbig, if we met, be expecting an emotionally unstable person! heheh. I guess that's fun for some people.

I slept with someone, I felt nothing for...Guess, that's why he's my EX!!!

I've been known to do that a couple of times. I only felt guity about it once, when I was thinking the person I was with was somebody else and he he couldn't believe I reacted the way I did. OOppps, if he only knew. I didn't see him again. Sorry.

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