****** My Sister In Law

I thought i was alone, my wife and i visited the inlaws a few days over this thanksgiving weekend. My wife was going black friday shopping with my nieces and sister in law. I was going to do a small load of laundry so went down in the basement.

There was a basket ready to be put in, but i bumped my stuff ahead. After filling the machine and starting it, i noticed a sexy pair of boy shorts in the waiting load. They were Laura's. She is some kind of sexy. Her husband is an *** and they barely speak. I of course picked them up and gave a sniff. She must have taken them off right before showering to go out, deliciously fragrant! I then pulled off my pants and pulled hers on, this turns me on a lot.

I was standing there feeling sexy as hell. And i heard steps coming down the stairs, i had no where to hide. Then she stopped at the landing gave me an eyeing up and down. She looked confused for a second, then a smile peeked out of the corner of her mouth.
" you know, there are other ways to get into my panties."

She had on sweats and a t shirt but no bra,she had thought i went shopping too.
She shimmied out of her sweats and panties, then pulled off her shirt. " like it better this way?" She said, i said, "oh Laura, you are so ******* hot"

"Enough of this chit chat!" She said as she walked over to me, she pulled off her panties i was wearing and took my already rigid **** all the way in her throat, she looked up at me and smiled around my ****. She sucked and sucked it felt good and i almost let go i pulled my **** out and stood her up. I grabbed one leg and pulled it up over my hip and slid my **** into her. After a few stroked i backed her against the washing machine and grabbed the other leg, she was pushed up against the washer and i had both her legs in the air. I was driving as hard as i could, i had been jacking off for days to thinking about this, and now i was unable to control my urger. She was really digging it, and started to come, i had had enough and started to fill her sweetness with my come. Yes, i came inside, no ,no condom, it wax the greatest **** i have ever had. We left 2 days ago, "accidentially" a pair of Laura's panties got left in the dryer and mixed with my things. We did not speak of it, after coming, she gave me a peck on the cheek said thanks and walked upstairs, my only regret was not tasting her sweet ***** first. Maybe at christmas
luiz13 luiz13
46-50, T
Dec 1, 2013