No One Knows

he told me to not say a thing. technically i'm not since no one knows who i am on here... it happened yesterday & i cant really believe that i let myself become that girl. i knew what i was doing & sadly, i didn't care. i just wanted to feel loved for that little while. i've been lonely for so long that when this opportunity came about, i took it. right now, all i really feel is used because to him, it seems like i don't have a purpose for being here anymore. im not saying that i want to keep this up or be with him because i really don't. if he was low enough to cheat with me, who's to say that he won't do it again... i just want feel like a human being, not a tissue. i know at this moment i don't deserve much sympathy because of what i've done. i just needed to get this off of my chest before i exploded with guilt.

what's even worse is that he doesn't feel the guilt of our actions like i do. he even told me beforehand that he has never felt guilt. im pretty sure i had sex with a sociopath.

gardenbeauty gardenbeauty
26-30, F
Mar 12, 2010