Seems like only yesterday when I started occasionally wearing panties under my male clothes. That gave way to wearing panties daily. Then I slowly started wearing a bra. Now I wear a bra and panties daily. I have also begun to wear nighties to bed every night. I am now beginning to get the urge to wear women's outer clothing outside of the house. I no longer own any men's underwear and am tempted to replace all of my male clothes with women's. Don't know if I should, but I find the idea very exciting.
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Let us know if you do replace your men's clothes.

Very exciting, for sure!

Take it to whatever level you are comfy with It's delicious but can be frustrating too at time but I'd never stop

Nothing wrong with this. If you want to dress in women´s clothes - just do it. Enjoy it. But give it some thought. Think about to whom you disclose. You may loose some of your friends if they find out.

Go go go .......... xxx

Hi I would love to b able to dressup daily n be myself like u.Im new to talking about it on line to others,but Im getting more into it.