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Wife Came Home Wet

I came home and caught my wife over on my neighbors porch,and later I asked what was she doing over there?..and she told me that she'd just gotten screwed by the neighbor while his wife and daughter was gone out of town..No you did not?,did he have a big ****?..yeah,real big! are where'd he screw him and his wives room?,in the daughters did she have a nice bed room and a nice soft bed?..No..not at was nasty!..what do you was nasty?..clothes and toys and baby dolls laying every where,and her bedroom was all hot and reeked of urine,like wet pee-pee diapers,and it was really strong like ammonia,and the wet pee odor made me get very horny,and so I let him do me on her pee smelly mattress, you did not? are telling a lie..your hair is not messed up..let me feel down your panties?..Oh,you're all wet and messy,and your pus feels really did let him..didn't you?..I told you! you believe me? yeah,so did it really smell like wet pee too?...Mmm-Hmm...PEE-PEE CITY over BIG-TIME!..Well,you have to let me screw you now?..Okay,..That's fine with me..but let me go pee first,...NO,..I want you to save it and pee on me while I screw you..Alright,that's okay with me,..lets go to the bedroom,I'm really horny..Me too!...THANKS NEIGHBOR..You are a Great One!
bobaloopppa bobaloopppa 51-55 Sep 9, 2013

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