Sexy **** Teasing Wife

My wife and i recently attended a party at our friends house, Frank and Beth
i always had a suspicion that my wife liked to flash a little *** crack or *** to Frank
after a few drinks at the party i notice my wife purposely bending over a lot ....esp in front of Frank
she was wearing really tight low rise jeans
so every time she would bend over you had a sexy shot of her *** ( mighty fine one at that )
long story short , at the end of the night I caught her purposely walking by Frank and brushing hid **** area with her ***
we got so hammered and had a great night
I took her home and ****** her so well and nasty
the part that really turned me during our **** session is when i said...."do you want Franks **** as I'm ******* you "
she kept saying YES YES...give me his big **** !
I had to do everything i could not explode right there
anyway....thought I'd share !
I have sexy , nasty pics from that night to
shoot me a message if you want to check them out

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6 Responses Aug 16, 2012

id love to hear more and see more of your sexy hot wife !

would love to check them out may I?

She is a sexy teasing minx. You should post many photos of her as she "unintentionally" flashes her beautiful charms. Gorgeous profile photo - she looks delicious.

What a deliciously naughty Wifey, I think you should let Frank spank her bare bottom in front of you for teasing his todger with her sexy cheeks...

Nice story, maybe both couples should try having sex together, my husband always tells me satisfy your desires as long as its not dangerous, don't satisfy society, so fulfill your wife's craving u will enjoy it to, sex is a magical experience which u have by touching and tasting it doesn't have to be as per what culture tells u it is... Sex is a natural bond between human bodies and a thrust for passion

Good, go wild

Plz send me