Smacked Legs Experiences

A selection of experiences of leg smacking taken from the web........

In those days we all wore skirts – it was unheard of for schoolgirls to wear trousers as they so often do today. I was in secondary school
from 1966 to 1973 which was very much the era of short skirts too.
At our school, girls were required to wear white knee high socks
rather than tights until the end of the fifth form and
the combination of short skirts and knee socks made it all too easy
for a girl's thighs to be smacked.

Leg slapping was used on girls from first year to fourth year. The older we got, the more shameful it was to be treated in what was
such a childish fashion. Although it was an all girl school and the
only teachers who slapped were also female, it was still highly
embarrassing to be dealt with in that way in front of your
classmates. You know what teenage girls are like – we all thought we
were really cool and grown up and image was everything. The normal
practice was that a girl would have to stand facing the class. The
teacher doing the slapping would remain seated at the girl's side,
and with one hand would yank the skirt up a few inches, no matter how
short it was. The procedure then would be to slap one leg and then
the other, repeatedly until the girl was crying.

Compared to the cane or slipper, it may not sound too terrible but
the teachers all seemed to be able to make those slaps sting like
crazy and of course the embarrassment factor was immense. You'd see
a girl trying desperately to keep herself from crying in front of all
her mates but no leg slapping ever stopped until a girl was in tears.

As I said before, if a male teacher decided that a girl should have
her legs slapped, she'd be sent to the Deputy Headmistress. This
would at least mean a punishment in private, but she'd compensate for
that "luxury" by really going to town with the smacks. She would
yank a girl's skirt right up almost to her bottom and would start her
slaps right at the very tops of the legs. I was sent to her once
after I'd been messing about in a Maths lesson and she slapped up and
down one leg until I thought she was never going to stop. Then, even
though I was in floods of tears, she repeated the dose on the other
leg and I felt very self conscious indeed as I spent the rest of the
day with the backs of my thighs visibly red and sore.

Yes,like so many of the other female readers that must have attended a private girls school in the UK during the 1970s and 1980s I can remember having the backs of my bare upper thighs very soundly smacked on many occasions,even in secondary school.

A trip to the front desk for 4 or 6 of the best across each leg was very common. Admittedly most sessions were very well deserved.
The female teachers who used this form of correction always had the best behaved classes.

Private sessions were more severe and 8 of the best across each leg, very high up, was not uncommon. These were administered mainly by the senior mistress in her office. After foolishly ignoring two warnings about wearing make up, Miss decided that I needed a good seeing to in her office. I received the standard 8 across each leg. Needless to say I was very careful about wearing makeup to school after that.

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Smacked legs was mostly an infants' or first year juniors' punishment when I was at school, older children got the slipper or cane across their bottoms.

In infants' school I got my legs slapped several times. Girls would have their skirts/dresses lifted and boys would have the legs of their shorts pulled up for several hard slaps to their legs, sometimes with a ruler.

It was more likely for me as a kid to get a smacked bottom, but I did have my legs smacked sometimes, particularly if it was the sort of punishment where my trousers had come the whole way down. Horrible imo - not as padded as your bottom!