Small Erect And Tiny Flaccid

Statistically I seem to be about average fully erect (if I was a 12 or 13 year old boy that is) I am even further down the ranks as my flaccid size is comparible to that of a 10 or 11 year old. It is not that uncommon in the public arenas such as changerooms and showers at sports facilities when I have been outmanned by even younger boys. After swimming my penis shrivels up so much that even the youngest boys are often bigger. The youngest to date who publically out-manned me was the 5 year old son of a woman I had a one-night stand with. The morning after she was dressing him for school and i couldnt help but notice that he was definitely bigger than me. She had boasted like a proud mom about his impressive endowment and i guess she wanted to show me that it was no idle bragging. He was definitely better endowed than a boy twice his age should be and it made my tiny **** feel even smaller than it is. (I wondered what she must have been thinking when she saw my baby-**** the night before?)
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I love reading all of these stories. A major turn on. I am small myself a little over an inch soft and four hard. I love small penises and small penis humiliation, which started when boys maybe ten were laughing at my ****. Since then love showing it off and having people make fun of it.

A few years ago, My wife was helpin a friend of hers remove red ticks from her kids (they had played in the woods nearby & brought a whole colony back with them lol). So the woman was a lil over whelmed 3 kids, checkin the nooks & crannies. The young girl had apparently got really freaked by the critters so they pick her clean first & sent her to the shower. While they started on Brenda's two boys. <br />
If you know anything bout ticks, its common practice to remove the ones that have aalready burrowed into a pour by quick flashing them with a lighter to get them to let go. If not you risk breakin the head off under the skin which will cause a nasty infection. Also you quickly find its safer & easy to have extra hands to hold creevices open as to not burn the person.<br />
Anyway enough redneck science lesson ;) well they started with Brenda's oldest son (was about 12 or 13yrs old), but obviously when it got time to remove his drawers the poor kid got very imbaressed. He started with the "aw um n a mooom dooo i havta?" stuff & Brenda being the blunt (ok she jus plain crude mostly) woman she was said, "it's k hon aint like Missy (my wife) is gonna be disapointed that you don have a donkey ****" to my wife said "he is so self concious his lil weiner hasn't grown yet" my wife told him that as a mom she knows boys don start out full grown & she had no intention of makin him feel bad bout that. Anyway, they preceeded & B4 they had finish the boy's torcherous ordeal, his mom cracked another wiseass comment. My wife seeing his face & being so compassionate, reassured him by saying "sweetie don be so embaressed, ur bout my husband's size" Brenda cackled don lie to him Missi, he knows ur teasin" even tho his mom blurted out "oh u pooor girl" when my wife assured him it was true, he seemed much more at ease hearing this (maybe he wont grow up as scarred & kinky as we are hear lmao)<br />
No wait it gets even better next was his 8yr old brother. Brenda chided my wife " he is the reason my "big boy" is so insecure. If ur old man is really hung like a vienna, i'm not sure i can trust you bawhaha" my wife rolled her eyes & simplly told Brenda she was a crude ***** & lets get this over with. So, they went about it my wife a lil uncomfortable at the remark said she was checkin his backside & had thot she had just got the last one when Brenda says poor kid had one on his taint & help her cause he aint holding his balls out the way well enough. My wife said u hold em then & i'll pluck the tick. My wife was a lil relieved to see with both her hands there she couldnt see much. So she went under him & focused on the bug. But just as soon as she annouced "got it" brenda let go & his dong hit her right in the face. She said when she focused she was in shock, he was a couple inches bigger than me hard but he was soft! As she sat stunned it quickly grew to she said maybe 6.5 or 7" . She had no idea she was staring until Brenda asked " feelin cockeyed" & literally rolled back on her *** laughing. As my wife glanced back at her dumbass, the kid apparently had once of those lil hump fit/ chill / spamism that make you involentarily hump air (we all had em) except it was just air he humped it hit her gapping mouth, n then her nose & cheek b4 she instinctively. Grabbed it & backed up a bit... she said the wieght was quite disconcerting (after holding only mine for so many years) sorry to disappoint you, but she then replied to her friend "ur gonna get foot-assed kicking her in the booty as she walked out. <br />
This actually was a catilist for many other things kinky things after. No not with a lil boy, but he did always grin at her after this. More like between brenda n us & my wife waking up to her needs as she entered her sexual peak & entertainin my cuckold fantasies more seriously. Jus as i gained new one of ur smokin hot nieghbor, ridiculin my teenie wenis & cheering her son on as he plow my wife makin her make noises i had never heard. Like i said, she would never do that, but there are a few very erotic stories that followed. Thanks for reading i may write few more down too. Who knows?

Your story reminded me of long ago when my ex wife and I were watching a friends son for a weekend while they went away. He too was 5 years old and my ex pointed out that he was larger than me when he was taking a bath. Even though I am micro it was shocking to see a 5 year old larger in size. I too am like a 11 to 12 year old erect and did not fully develop.

I was even smaller when I was in early teen years and never got any bigger after the age of 15. In my first ever changeroom/showers encounter with the other boys in high school I couldnt help but notice that everyone of the others were very obviously bigger than me and most looked to be at least twice my size.