Its About The Smashing Pumpkins..

im nooooooooooooooot a sour girl...

so...this smart guy on another chat site or whatever said this:

The fact that believing in God upsets atheists so much and the fact that everyone and their mom is an atheist and a non-conformist, it is pretty cutting edge to believe in God,

His name is apparantly Dustin Daniel Ray....
cool *shrugs shoulders*
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Kikis as always full of contradictions, I love it

why do you not reply to my responses, yet follow me around like some kind of ****** shadow!!! =D<br />
and no, it doesn't mean I hate you.....I just want to see if you're worth loving.

God's done nothing for us?????? Sounds like something a know it all atheist would say? Im not trying to be mean here...just saying!