Sniff + Whiff = ...

Oh yeah..this is just heaven for me...old and new books alike. Just gives me that zing and I know I'm content.

What is it that makes us like the smell? There must be some kind of drug they use on those papers.........because look here now. How many have joined this group? Bet you this number will still increase.

That sniff as I open the book brings a certain delirium.

That whiff as I fan the pages brings a certain excitement.

Delirium + Excitement = Craze 

And I just love that equation.

Sylphy Sylphy 41-45, F 24 Responses Mar 9, 2010

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Ever... yes... we have been sniffing a lot...

Michelle... heaven and bliss... I wonder why we feel that...

From a fellow sniffer i get ya! ;)

Ohhhh yes... love second hand bookshops... I go all the time, too just to browse for unexpected finds... love getting the oldest I could find... then sniff... whiff... aaaahhh........ and don't worry... I love math... I would have gotten that book from you if we were at the bookstore together... haha...

I agree. There are many different types of smells for new books, some so delicious that I enjoy smelling them nearly as much as reading them! Very old books tend to settle down into the same, peculiar, pungent smell. I’ve just plucked the oldest book in the house off a shelf:mmmm! It’s dated 1573 and, truth to tell, is rather dull, as it is a math book – but terribly wordy. Don’t get the wrong idea: I only have a handful of really old books. I love going into a second hand bookshop (of which there are ever fewer) to enjoy the fusty smell and seek the unexpected item of value, priced cheap (so far without success).

The equation, LV........ almost an obsession....

What do I mean almost??! D-uh?..... It is an obsession... our compulsive fixation........ *sigh*

I love that equation as well, the smell of books is heavenly, these immensely, Roj! This is my dream in the archives...and I could sniff 8 hours for 5 days in a week.......LOL!

I looked over the site, stainlesssteeldroppings ...interesting! I'm checking the book, Confessions of a Common Reader...thanks! :)

Oh, that your cookbooks have all the spills and what-have-yous in there. To those whose cookbooks are clean and pristine, I don't know...seems like they were not having fun cooking. But you definitely do! ;)

And yes, this is your style........something to pass on to your children and they would say, "Oh, this is what mum did when she was cooking this'.

Yes, I've been listening to it too. I particularily love her description of the memories the strains in cookbooks mean to her. That's how I feel but find that most people like to keep their cookbooks pristine...I always worried that my haphazard cooking style in the kitchen in and around my cookbooks would be considered plain unkempt....but see, I have style!!! lol

I like the smell of archives and the 'stacks' in big libraries. Mmmmm.

I've been listening to a reading of Ex Libris: confessions of a common reader. I think you'd like it Sylph:

OMG! Another sniffer!!! Friends and family always thought of me as strange (like someone named WG! - lol).............but shhh, Keye...she might be lurking...she threatened to flag this down... *giggling*

Hardbounds have a different smell, ay? Than paperbacks...I don't like those mass market books though...not only are they hard to read (and gets all to crumpled after you finish reading it)...but they smell nose doesn't like them! But the big paperbacks are okay...and cheaper...and easier to hold than hardcopies...I have carpal tunnel so holding hardbounds strain my wrists.

WG...c'mon now...with all the collection you and Roj have...just try sniffing one...then is addicting! very euphoric... ;)

Weirdos!! I should flag this story...


HaHaHa! *maniacal laughter*.............I know exactly what you mean, Ever...........HaHaHa!

I like coming home after being gone for long hours, open my front door...and snnniifffff! the smell of my house...

There's one other smell I like...uhm...but I will just PM you that...a bit, uhm...sensual...hehe...


One thing i LOVE to sniff are...........wet sponges when they've been in bubble bath, ooooh can't get enough of that little fix. (I occasionally have to sink my teeth into one too.)

I sniff ALL food.....i think it's a must really, especially bags of crisps (or d'you call then chips?). A nice bag of prawn cocktail crisps.... mmmmmmm!!

I even sniff my dogs to check that they smell nice.............can't be doing with a wiffy dog.

Ok, i'll stop now because i'm sounding abit mad mmmmwwwwwaaaahhhhhh! *evil laugh*

*hugs* xx

You're a sniffer, too, Ever???!!! way! I sniff everything, too! Say with food, I won't taste it to know if it's yummy; I sniff it first then eat it. If the nose doesn't like the smell, I won't even try and taste it.

Same with uhm, sniffing guys.........!!! LOL

This is cool. My friend...a sniffer, too...................there must be a group on this somewhere....hmm....


Oooh i love sniffing books too!! Infact i sniff everything lol. *hugs* xx

I know...something strange happens when adding links...even sometimes with photos or embed links. You should tell EP, Roj... ;)

Oh Spring...what have you created? A mass avalanche of experiences! My fingers can hardly keep up typing. LOL.......but I am having fun! Even if it's in the wee hours of the morning here!

Weird though, they disappear in your view. I added a link with a href tag before and it worked while I could see it - but EP got rid of it.

When I repasted the URL for the EP link and refreshed the view, it had recreated the 'EP Link' though???

Awww, thanks, More! Coming from you, this is as real as a compliment can be......*hugs*

Oh yes, the smell of books...they have a life of their own... great story!

It worked, Roj! And yes, I'm definitely joining. Thanks! *hugs*

Yes, as soon as you edit, the link is gone. happened in one of my comments earlier. Argh!

Well if all they're doing is joining your groups it probably isn't too much harm!

You might like this group, Sylph (and others): EP Link

wonder if this works

Don't you hate it when you edit a comment and the link disappears?

We are stalkers of!

Who wouldn't want to get stalked? .........okay, in a fun way, that is. There might be creeps out there. LOL

*Sylph uses fairy dust to repel creeps*

Ha ha - EP - the one place in the world where stalkers are welcome!

Thanks, Spring...

I'm stalking you here, you know that right? LOL

The other one I thoughts have been treading there for some time...a follow-up to my *kiss* story...