We All Must Die

I am over 75, but I have a much younger wife. We have been married for 23 years. I have two children with her. The boy is now 18 and has gone off to college. I think of him all the time and miss him. He was home recently but at his age of course he went out to see his friends and to party. He is a great kid and a good student. I am wise enough to know that he is leaving the next and needs to find his own wayk his life, but I am also sad because he has been so central to my lifel I do however have a daughter. She is 13, a sweetie pie...I think I am already beginning to think of her leaving home soon etc.  And, yes, I have two older sons from an earlier marriage and a grandchild, 8....but at my age, one begins to think of one's own parents, and death and missing those I have loved and those who in turn have loved me. I know I am but going through what we all go through at one or another time--and it is the circle of life (Lion Kin g!)...see? I have not even cried!!!
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well here I am back, once again, and now my secret tears are not for the past but rather for the fact that my girl, 17, is graduating and soon will be to college. My son (also from this marriage) is a lovely kid and off on his own now, though calls weekly. My wife and I very soon will be off for a vacation together and at the same time, or close to it, celebrate out 28th anniversary. I never thought, believed, knew that my love for her and hers for me would deepen, grow as it has...What a joy to see her daily.<br />
A true blessing for sure.

Obviously you have lived!<br />
But now it seems you've retreated into "thinking." i.e. about the past, parents, etc<br />
IMHO "thinking" is not "living" It's a retreat from living<br />
And living takes care of itself, there's no thinker in charge.<br />
So, without the burden of being in charge, you should have a lot of free time and energy on your hands To touch the lives of those children/grandchildren---go to them, man. Don't wait for them to come to you. Kids crave your love! Nowadays they need maturity, wisdom and patience more than ever, and they aren't getting much from their frazzled parents, or from computer games.<br />
Life needs you.<br />
And life doesn't give a crap about the past.

Live every day like you're immortal ... but treasure it like it's your last.

nice to hear a story from a young person like you, keep going.Every day is a blessing here and specially with two lovely kids you have. May you be healthy and find happiness in the beauty of every day !

postroad: Thank God every morning you open your eyes. 75 isn't 105, and our lifespan, these days, extends well into 80's and beyond--decent health given. And truly hope yours is.<br />
<br />
You sound clear and cogent, and needless to say, intelligent. Take heart and faith. We should, all of us, give thanks for every waking moment--75 or 35. Think positively. A positive approach to life enhances health on many levels.<br />
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You've so many blessings. Obviously God's been good to you. You must be inordinately deserving. :-)<br />
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*Cheers* sir...

You may not have cried, but...someone pass a tissue, please.