I always at some time or another have crossing thoughts of death, I see some people who have told me they believe nothing bad will ever happen to them, and they act invincible.

But every now and then I see a dead animal on the road side, and I realize we as people are made up as the same sort of matter as that animal, and sooner or latter we will expire and die like that creature on the road, to me it's not just an animal that I'm disassociated and detached from, but it's an image of our own mortality to me.

In that we all will die, I met a man with one arm once, and similar things run through my head.
I come to the uncomfortable thoughts, of what happens after death... I don't want to believe that's it.
And it is a frightening concept to no longer be.

I think of the great works of art, war, the good and bad throughout human kinds life span on this planet, and realize that these great artists and war heros I look at are all dead.
It's morbid thinking, but every now and then I too see my own mortality, and sometimes it frightens me.
I make no attempt to lie or act macho, death is the end and only a fool would dismiss death as a trivial thing and not respect it's consequence when turned into action and form.

It's the lack of function, where memory's stop, and we decompose into nothing, rotting.
I don't think it's a pleasant thought for anyone, but I do have some comfort that I'm not the only one who ponders these things.

I don't dwell on it, I live my life and try to be happy, but on occasion the thought does cross my mind and I see my own mortality as well as others.
Dc01 Dc01
22-25, M
Nov 29, 2011