Telling Myself To Smile

Smile and stop being paranoid

Well for a start I just removed my sad profile pic, and replaced it with a pic that has a little smile. So my subject is going along together. Well I am deciding to smile, even though I feel sad and paranoid at the moment as I know that I ain't the only one who gets down. When you feel sad and someone looks at you in a mean way or says something mean then you feel worse. You always feel better when someone smiles or says something nice. Sometimes it feels like some people find it trendy to moan, when all they are doing is being a misery guts. Some people like to have a worse situation than others so they can say they have had it worse and make other peoples sorrows out to be nothing. The truth is everybody hurts. People who can find it harder are people who are on their own. There are many reasons to being alone like no family, kids grown up, depression, working all the time, health. So lets just all smile and think of others. Why don't we start a happy group.
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36-40, F
Nov 28, 2012