In the small and friendly community I grew up in, I have made a habit of saying hello to random strangers as they pass me. I just thought, why not? Everyone else was doing it. If you walked up to a bus stop, you'd usually say hi to the people already there and usually that sparked a lively conversation while you were waiting for the bus to come. This also helped when you went down to the club on Friday's. You could challenge that stranger to a go on the dance machine without being shy or anything. Not that I ever was. Our dance machine champion ( who wasn't me) was the most sociable of the lot of us and set about every Friday humiliating and totally beating us all. We had our joint revenge by one Friday bringing some soft spongy balls along and playing our own variation of dodge ball. It became quite a scene. Poor thing, I'm surprised she took it so well and suggested that next week we use skittles instead of her.
Luangi Luangi
18-21, F
Jan 2, 2008