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 I work in a hospital and everyday I see people walking the corridors looking lost, alone, afraid and so I smile, I say hello, I nod in their direction, to let them know that they have been acknowledged, that they have been seen and that someone has taken the time to make that connection, no matter how small it maybe..... don't get me wrong, this isn't done for truly altruistic reasons, I feel better in myself for doing so, I just hope it gives them 'something' in return, makes them feel alittle bit better about themselves, their situation and their day - and who knows, maybe I've been the first person to acknowledge them in that manner, and maybe they will pass that on to the next person they see.....
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I always appreciate thoughtfulness of others. A smile a nod

I share a smile every day. It makes others feel better and me too.

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U r obviously very special & caring, do they clone @ your work.. :)

That is amazing

I miss to smile with everybody I saw every morning now I can't make it Now I am working in the Arab country,offffff!

There are people out walking the streets with the same look. Some dressed in rags others dressed in business attire. A good morning or hell-o or howdy is hardly a strain for anyone. Be confident they won't pick your pocket or delay your transit with a nod and a kind word. When did it become the standard to answer a thank you with "no problem" instead of "you're welcome" . It's the same number of syllables.

I think what you do is wonderful. I work in a prison and I can tell you, the most difficult thing for me to do is look at the inmates and muster a smile and a kind word. But I manage to do it. I think that's what we as humans are called to do

I also work at a hospital and I always find myself doing the same. Even though it is not my job I sometimes feel like the official greeter there. :)... and I love it!

god bless you :)

Hello, said with a big smile...

it will give you enlightenment for understanding your own being

I totally agree. If you can smile and be cheerful for the other person, you just may have made their day. I encountered the nicest, kindest woman at the VA reception desk the other day and it made my whole day. I thanked her, asked her her name and we had a little conversation. Soon after, I encountered a younger guy down in the lunch lounge, we acknowledged each other, turned out we had a goodly number of interests in common and had a nice conversation. It's a great way to meet new people and do good things in this world.

Yes, I keep forgetting how important it is to smile at people, especially when I'm busy... Thanks for this post...

They can be scary places hospitals.

For us, that is mandatory where I work in retail.

There needs to be more people like u

Thanks for your kind reminder, for me to do the same.👍

Me too :3 the other day i went canoeing with my aunt lisa in our old lady sun hats and sunglasses and we waved and yelled hello to everyone who could hear us whether it be on the water or on the beach. i absolutely love people and by just saying hello to them, i feel like i might brighten their day. So you. keep saying hello to everyone. because i know my day would be a little better if i were to get a hello from you! (may have half-posted this already not sure XD)

I haven't had a face to face conversation with a person for over a year after being homeless. I cherished every smile , nod and good day , everyday. The world needs more people like you 👌

I've been there myself. Thankfully I have survived and found a new life with a wonderful life partner. I hope you have found or are finding a good life again. Homelessness can be an adventure for awhile, but it gets very old and tiresome after awhile, and awfully hard to escape out of. Take care.

help any one for his own upliftment

I was told to say hi to 3 difference persons a day, which I try to do

Here what I do every day. I can thank my Girlfriend for this . She brightens up my life and I doing so I bright others lives. I now say Hello to everyone I meet all day long.
Doing this has simply made me a better person . I'm extremely glad she is in my life.. She doesn't tell me she loves me yet. I'm sure she will at some point. 😉

It does help. I've been down in the dumps a lot lately and when someone smiles at me out of the blue it really does make me feel better in the moment. so, thank you for being one of those people.

I was one of them people a while back my father died know what you mean doctors and the nurses were there for me and family wasn't must be hard for you you with that day in day out

I love this..I am just like you in this matter..my smile is free for all :-)


I wish more people would do this. It is amazing how just a friendly smile or "Hello" can brighten someone's day! I always try to smile or make silly conversation with people just to make them smile or laugh.

I sell cars and pass by at least 30 people a day. All I know is that it makes me feel good.

It's a great feeling to just smile at others. I went to a personal growth seminar in the 80s. At the conclusion we shared. A lady got and said "I was going to check into a hotel and kill myself by jumping out if a window. On the way, someone smiled at me. That changed my mind

I'm going to admit, I hate it when strangers do this. I just seem to be annoyed by unnecessary interaction, especially for a conversation that goes nowhere. Is rather not talk to someone unless I really get something out of it. That's just the way I see things.

I secretly think you enjoy the smiles. Not necessarily the verbal "hello" parts..? (I too, dislike superficial, pointless small talk.) But a smile? Especially if it's a genuine one? It's infectious, positive energy at it's best. (By the way, I read your opening 'experience..' I slept with a stuffed animal until I was about 35.) 😊

I think seeing a legitimate smile on them would set a totally different impression. One time I saw a neighbor of mine he quietly said hi but he had an enormous smile, I mean with his teeth showing and everything, but it was a real smile. (I say he must've lost his virginity recently?) but that a was the only time it actually felt good.
And thanks for reading my stuffed animal experience. Honestly I truly love it and I hope I never stop! ^^

Btw, if that's one of the few times you actually recall seeing a smile that you felt was legitimate, is it possible your outward expression or demeanor might be sending off vibes of "stay away from me?" That thought just flashed through my mind. Most people are fairly sensitive to projected energy and body language, even though they are unaware of having that sensitivity.
(And. your explanation of the possible/probably cause of your neighbor's smile made me both :rme: and lol.)


That is a wonderful thing you do. I smile at people and say hello, too. What does it cost me? I agree that it could make a difference in someone's day or even their life.

Read this at the end of my busy day. This could be liked for the title alone. (I'm smiling right now because i know what i mean to say but i can't think of the words to). Connection is a good word to use here, that connection is powerful, as small as it is to make! I love this story because particularly where you work, some people are in need of this.
Seeing simple acts of kindness makes me smile because is soo lovely to see. The other day a little girl dropped something and this other little girl, who was slightly older, picked it up for her. Made me smile.

What an inspiring experience that's what we should all try to do, smile is the common language that every body on earth will understand and feel and it's free and guess what it has double effect on the sender and the receiver but we forget that marvelous affect and we don't give it the required attention that's why we should thank you for your inspiring post

Wow you are really kind