Being a very friendly person, I smile at or say hello to nearly everyone I come into contact with. To me, it's a matter of common courtesy. Having no hidden agenda, I'm amazed at the strange looks I get when just trying to be cordial. People scurry about paying no attention to the world around them. Not to say that my focus is always unselfish but, I make it a point to acknowledge those around me. A smile or a kind word can make a difference in someone's day, plus it opens my heart and mind. I've been told that a smile is contagious. How sad it is that we've grown so cynical that, we question the sincerity of the person trying to be polite.
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I love to smile at others....a smile goes a long way...especially when someone is having a bad day! I hope you're having a great day, Pentupfreedom! :)

I'm having a good day. Hope you are too

Glad to hear it! I'm having a wonderful day, friend! :)

I agree, smiling is contagious. It seems to lighten the air when somone is smiling. I always smile & say please & thank you to the people at the drive through! lol

I agree - you never know what positive impact you can have on someone simply by giving a smile or kind word. :)

Your story made me smile, I have one too. :-D

Hi,pentupfreedom,how are you! Yes,you are so right! A smile doesn't cost anything,its a precious gift,and both those who give them,and those who receive them,sweetten up their own heart,I think!

I love people like you :) I'm the smiley type too. It makes my day when someone makes a nice little comment of friendliness and i like to do the same. We need more guys like you in the world :) make it a happier place every day! .. nice

Thank you


To many people wrapped up in the worlds problems,it is so easy to say hello and add a smile.
Thanks for that.

I believe in smiles and eye contact. I think that it's important to connect with people where ever you can. I have strangers in the grocery lines showing me their grandkid's photos, people at the bus stop talking about their life stories or just doctor waiting room confidences given just because I was willing to reach out. People are intrinsically alone in the society that we live in today. I know what that is like. Thank you for being the kind of person who is polite and courteous.

Thank you too

I am a people person...I talk to everyone (some might say I would talk to the wall if it I believe in paying forward. A simple thing like good morning or a smile could change someone's world. People are suprised at a hello because we have become a society where we don't even know our next door neighbours, don't say Merry Christmas while holiday shopping, hold doors or say thank you anymore! Well I DO!!!!! I was raised to accept and love no matter what..SO...I treat everyone the way I want to be treated. I too get the strangest looks but I know it makes a difference. I have melted the hearts of pretty tough characters in my time. They genuinely are suprised that I would talk to them...some were just looking for someone to just reach out to them! Keep it up! You will get the looks the curses (LOL) but if you can touch one person's life by giving something that costs have done a beautiful thing!!! PAYFORWARD!!!!

That makes two of us. Thanks

You are so right. I just recently realized how much worse it is at airports. Lol. People are VERY frowny there. But I paid it no mind and smiled and spoke to everyone, including security. Hey, we were on VACATION. I insisted on having fun. Lol.

I used to have a nice smile.- TD casualty. Are you a Kevin Costner look a like? I do laugh though. One guy I know decided to greet me with a hug and told me he was so glad I'm back. "What are you, the official greeting committee for returnees?" I answered your question ~ "Is Jesus Missing?" I think you were asking because you sincerely want an answer. ~ Boshie, the sister of Joshie - 1947 - 1971- My Memorial poem is in I null. (The Reminder)

Polite smiles are fine. But...we can seldom see our ex<x>pressions when we are smiling to strangers. Looking at us smile..can send different signals. Plus..others maybe uptight..with a toothache or running short nothing to this typology of people we call scrwed up..tight..nothing to give..let alone a smile...I also tried to find your profile being so friendly is not in the public display...your limitation of friendly is really narrow..don't get is 100% okay..just that a smiling face has courage to see life and when I smile back you know the message went through and when I didn't I failed to recieve your gift...a smile.

I don't smile at people expecting anything in return. If it is accepted, that's fine. If it's not, that's fine too. I do what I do because that's who I am.

That is good, don't change..just get better :))
smile :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Just don't go to New York. You might be shot.

OMG, you're kidding, right? LOL. You're more likely to be shot in Miami or Chicago.

Don't go there.... I'm IN Chicago lolol

Human beings take many things for granted, and sharing joy and comfort that you're not alone is one of them. One day this shall be amended, one day times will be different where the world can smile together, forever more in a place where darkness fades.

There is always hope


It never hurts to smile and to get a smile back in return makes it much never know your smile was what the other person needed so badly and it just made their day..:):):):) *winks*


Of course, I agree too. I like to be friendly, it's just who I am. From these simple gestures I have had some of the most amazing conversations with people who I have never met or seen again. <br />
The down side of the simple smile, is when a guy thinks I'm hitting on him, and starts talking his way down a path that we weren't on. I don't know, it just feels good to smile, hold a door open, let the car go in front of mine, with no hidden agenda, just because. <br />
I like it when men write stories like these. It kind of catches me off guard. :)

Some people just don't get it when you're trying to be nice to them

When a person smiles at everyone, that person is likely to receive rejection, dirty looks, or a response that is why are you smiling at me? Some places it is ok. Other places, not so much or not at all. It is a nice thing to smile at everyone. In a perfect world, everyone would do that. What state or city do you live in, if it is in the US. I don't need the address. Just general area. If your ever in New York City, I definitely recommend not to smile at everyone.


NYC is the same as anywhere else. The energy you put out you will receive in return. If you assume you will receive negativity, then you will. I worked and hummed around NYC for 20+ years and I always took the time to smile, say thank you, etc. and I don't recall ever receiving a particularly negative response. Granted I would avoid being too friendly in some areas; have to have a sense of boundaries (WSP park for instance). Didn't want the drug dealers to think I was looking to score...

True. I agree. Well said.

When a person smiles at everyone, that person is likely to receive rejection, dirty looks, or a response that is why are you smiling at me? Some places it is ok. Other places, not so much or not at all. It is a nice thing to smile at everyone. In a perfect world, everyone would do that. What state or city do you live in, if it is in the US. I don't need the address. Just general area. If your ever in New York City, I definitely recommend not to smile at everyone.

so sweet, thanks

thank you for writing this...i looked up the word optimism and to get a better understanding of the word ans it has everything to do with what you're writing about. i am sure that this will change my way of thiking from now on! it must have have been meant for me to read this today.

Very kind words. Thank you

Excellent piece of writing … dear I have same nature and people think that I am alien who came from other world … most often they asked what do you need ? tell us whats your intensions its really hurt when you try to please everyone and in response people suspect you… but vary from person to person … I cannot change my nature and habit just for few fools and… we should smile and show tenderness to every human.

Thank you very much. How right you are

I always tend to smile and say hello to people as well. I thank doctors, nurses, firemen, police officers and military members for what they do for the common good of our country. I compliment grand effort when people are trying to accomplish things and people who have obviously made an effort to look good. I do my best to do good things for other people with no expectation of benefit or reward. I am selfish in this because I do it for me and the feeling I get from doing good simply for goodness sake, and others are just lucky enough to benefit from my selfishness.

Thanks. I think you said it better than I did.

Like your thoughts. Smile

Thank you

That`s true.<br />
<br />
I feel optimistic when I see people smiling.

Me too

You should see the strange looks I get, when I - as a woman - compliment other women (strangers) on their outfit, hair, looks, good manners of their children... Women obviously expect to only get bitchy remarks from other females, or sometimes they might even worry, that I'm trying to chat them up in a lesbian way?! But it can make such a difference, if you smile at them or pay a compliment! On the rare occasions when it happens to me, it brightens my whole day. It's well worth a try!

I don't allow the strange looks to deter me because a smile back makes the effort worth it

After this discussion here on EP more than ever! Let's go out and do it!

A man after my own smile is always the first thing I share


What's second?

second would be my heart, if the recipient was indeed deserving...

So true. We have lost the art of slowing down and eye contact. World is so busy.


Nice post =)<br />
It is true what you say, how a smile or a nice word can make a persons day.<br />
It is the negative or positive energy from one person to another that can have a certain impact on a persons whole day.<br />
Most of us have our crosses to bare in one way or another. It simply depends on how we look at things. Most people are so self absorbed these days, they don't stop and think that there are others much worse off than themselves.

Thanks. I wrote this when I was very sleepy. I'll edit the mistakes.

youre absolutely right and cynicism is contagious, unfortunately, too.

True, thanks