I Smile At Strangers

"If you see a friend without a smile, you give him on of yours..."

So yeah I like to smile at strangers , specially to those who are too serious and guess what? Usually they smile back at me and look puzzled like thinking " Why is this girl smiling at me? I dont know why is so hard for some people to smile to others , you dont lose a thing when u do it. Here is a list of reasons why you should smile to people:

 Maybe that person is having a bad day and could used a smile even from a stranger

 People glow and look beautiful when smiles

 Smile and laugh its healthy you know

 You are alive! Smile and share that joy with the world, maybe smeone have lost that joy of living and needs to be remind

 Smile because at this times we have to pay for everything , everything its expensive, but hey smiling its a free gift!

 Since when you havent smile to someone? .... need a calendar?

  A smile its recognize in all languages, its an universal symbol... how cool its that!!! i we smile in every single language !!!

Smiling its a simple act of life, a smile is a way to change how people feels in seconds, then why if its so eary to do it we walk around serious and barely looking who its next to us? How many smiles you have gift today? yesterday? We born with that ability, why wasting it? I dare you to smile to strangers today!


oh yeah i almost forgot!! .............!!!

Secretpoem Secretpoem
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9 Responses Jun 14, 2008

Gee! This is fantastic :) I wish I felt this comfortable smiling at strangers. Every time I've tried, I've gotten glares, blank faces or just plain strange looks. So I abandoned my mission...

Definitely! And did you know, you need less muscles to smile than put a frown on your face! Let's all go for a face 'lift' and use our smile muscles several times a day! What a difference that will make!

I know what you mean. When I go through an airport I smile at people walking through. Most if they make eye contact will turn away quickly, with a little smile on there face. A smile is a possitive thing. We all can use as much possitive things in our life's as we get. Keep it goin

what a great read!<br />
thanks for sharing this beautiful reminder to us secretpoem.<br />
<br />
as i have started smiling at people life's much more beautiful and people are much more friendlier. yes even those who in the past have had problems with me!<br />
<br />
keep smiling and spread this jolly virus

I love the name!!!! Fat babies are cute. I am just working and terrorizing where i can. :)

im great! baby Angel gabriel its doing great too, he's mommy's little fatty lol im working now and i finish art school, everything its going backto normal, anything new with you?

I am doing great ,how are you doing?

yey red!! how are you???

Smiles are free! I alaways smile and say hello.