Let's Share The Happiness (:

I was with my boyfriend in the shopping mall 2 days ago, we were holding our hands, talking and laughing out loud. He always smiles at me and I always smile at him and it makes me feel so awesome! He always tells me that he loves how I am such a happy person, always smiling one (:

We were just walking there, looking at each other and laughing together and I looked there at one woman and I gave her big sincere smile and she just looked at us, she saw how happy we were and damn, if you just could see that giant smile on her face! I smiled even more at her and I could even feel that positive energy ! It was so awesome, I know she could feel our love and happiness ! (:

That's why I smile all the time, you can make others happy and you can make their days! And it costs nothing and gives everything, I love sharing my happiness through smile so much (:
gothiex gothiex
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 22, 2012

Yes it's nice to smile to strangers, but sometimes they wont smile back... it happened to me once...

It happens sometimes, but they usually smile back at me (: *smiles at you*