A Fround Upside Down Is A Smile

This is something I have not always done.
I use to feel like if I was upset it was just fine if I showed it.
I once thought if I was said others should feel obligated to care about me.
I didnt mean any harm by this at the same time I felt my pains made me sad
and if it was from the cause of another? It was the thing to do.
Well! I know very well now, and it just dont work that way
People may or may not act like they care reguardless I press
myself to smile when I am sad. I feel stronger and it seems to ease my burdens faster.
If someone does show they care about your sadness
It sort-of makes me dwell on it longer I am learning to trust in God
to fix my sadness and the cause of it in his time.
Babeondwy Babeondwy
41-45, F
Feb 16, 2012