It's probably why no one understands me, I act like someone I'm really not. Why? I'm scared to show my emotions and refuse to let others know who I really am, but I've got to stop, because I'm digging myself into a deep hold of depression. I feel it's weak to show my true emotions deep down, but I honestly don't know why. I need help
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Well this post is a good step :)

Well you have to find out what is affecting you this way.
I have suffered for many years but I know why I get depressed, but it's not weak to ask for help... I couldn't have gone through it on my own.

I'm starting to realize I can't go through this on my own. I think I'm getting somewhere though, I recently met someone, on EP actually, that I can honestly talk to about stuff, kind of. And it's slowly been making me a little happier.

Well that's good that u have got someone to talk to but have u told them why u feel like u do?

We'll not exactly.. It's hard for me to express things. I think it might be an anxiety thing.

I understand how hard it is to open up to someone but every time you tell someone it gets easier and all of a sudden the anxiety you feel disappears :)

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yeame too,what i did was be the extreme and start being myself.