I Hate It!!!!

I am such a sweet person but I hate smiling. Why would I smile when I'm not even happy? I smile a lot but if I don't people would say "you need to smile your so beautiful" or "you look so sad Malaysia. Smile " stfu.
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3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I don't smile nearly as much as others think I should. Maybe it's the bipolar, maybe it's the manic, but even as a father, I find it hard to muster a smile. I don't know if that makes others think I'm mad all the time, but it certainly helps to keep them at arms length and doesn't make it easy for people to approach me. (Which is probably good for everyone.)

When I was a kid I used to smile all the time, but as I grew older and reached middle school I became self conscious and trained myself not to smile. Now i am not sure if people think I am upset.

I don't smile much either. I'm not unhappy or angry, I just don't smile a lot. I think it's an Asperger's thing with me.