Contagious Happiness

It doesn't matter the challenges and the difficulties, I don’t stop "fighting". I don't care what people think about me, it is my life. I can be sad, yet I smile still, because I know there are some  people who depends on my smile. I don't let cruelty of this world to knock me down, I keep my head up and try my way to change it.

People who know me, ask: why am I happy? So many problems and you are still cheerful. A simple answer: there are not big problems in this world that they could not be solved. Everyday I am thankful for being able to enjoy the wonders that this world has to offer.

A smile can mean the world for someone. I smile...

I am fortunate by seing the sun and the moon, I enjoy the simple things of the life. I realize that people around me care about me. I am blessed to have friends who give a special meaning in my life. I am happy to live and love.

I smile at everyone.  A smile is worth much more than we can imagine. I live each second of my life with intensity and I don't look back with regrets for the things I have done or for the things I haven't done. Everything is worth...each smile, each tears of my life. I am patient and I don't give up to reach my targets, I smile no matter what they say...

I smile, because life is beautiful...







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9 Responses Mar 16, 2009

I am so grateful & happy that YOU are apart of this world. Your presence and smile are a wonderful part of this life =)

your smile is beautiful.<br />
<br />
to smile is beautiful<br />
<br />
to smile at the beauty<br />
<br />
so nice to see you smile :-)



wow - that blew me away!!! <br />
<br />
I definitely need you to join my campaign for happiness in '09! .... <br />
<br />
I'm speechless (and that don't happen often)

i agree a smile is beautiful!

This story brought tears to my eyes .. I am struggling with something (just like everyone) and I just LOVE your defiant attitude .. <BR><BR>I too will alway try to smile <BR><BR>Every single word you said is so true <BR><BR>Thank you Princess<br />
<br />
You are beautiful

Your smile make anyone happy princess. Smiles!

You make me smile :)