It Hurts Sometimes

at school (high scool) i am this happy bubbly energetic outgoing person who is always happy. inside i am on the verge of tears, stressed and been through/going through SO MUCH. this emotion is concealed in me by a thin layer always on the verge of snapping. i am so used to hiding all my pain thats i am almsot starting to believe it. my closest friend knows my pain and without her to talk too i probably wouldve ended up mentally/emotionally unstable, or seriosuly messed up inside, which i already am. i can cry wherever i am, in the blink of an eye, even in truly happy stituations, because all that pain inside me is DIGGING and BURning. i have been physically and verbably abused by my brother since i was a little kid, and my parents always fought and my childhood was alright. now....i just....all my experiences have caused "messed up" emotions inside of me. all my pain i hide. it is so hard sometimes. my family problems EVERYthing i hide.

on the ouside i am a completely normal teenager, but that just goes to show my facade is working. i joined this site to get support from lots of other people who are going through/went through what i am going through right now, and can relate, understand, and know how TRUE (emotional) pain feels, especially when you ave to cover it up and hide it all the time. but no one will EVER no how i really acutally feel inside.

sashimi0894 sashimi0894
13-15, F
Feb 24, 2010