Thinking Of You ... And You

Thinking of some people makes me break into a smile at once.

Some are just lovely caring people, others are funny , others are caring and funny .

But they are all good to be around.

I think it is maybe the best we can do in this life .. . be a person whose name makes people smile.
Orangetas Orangetas
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8 Responses Feb 13, 2013

It turns out their actual name was Tittytwister Mc Saggyweiner von Chokesondick

Awe thank you

This is great,love your post,very inspiring.

My mother passed away about 5 years ago. A lot of ppl I know when they lose a loved one and they think of them they are sad, but whenever I think of my mother, I smile. Good or bad, something she did that was wonderful, or any of the many things she did that made me shake my head and roll my eyes I smile. Once the funeral was over, I've never had sad moment. Sometimes she can still make me laugh out loud. But its usually just a wicked smile!

That is soooooooooooo true. There are people (and animals) passed I think about that always make me smile and laugh.
I watched an episode of The Twilight Zone last night where people didn't die anymore ..even when horrible ill .. it was a total nightmare :(
Loved ones do die but it's such a bonus to have smiley happy memories to replay :)

yes that's right

I am thinking of you with a smile, Tas... :-). All good things to you...

Hi Kathie, thanks for dropping by :) xx

Great rule!

This is so true, Tassie.