Because Of You.....

I smile more these days

From the moment you log on and I see the little green dot.

To the messages you send with your cheerful "good morning"

To the gestures and the "special" meaning behind each and every one of them.

To the gifts you send with the cute little messages.

For all the little things you do and say...

Until the moment we say our good make me smile

Thank you
slw :)

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4 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Big Bunny Hugs for you all the time......

You deserve the best...always :)

Speaking of green dots.....

I'm glad for you and a little jealous! Mostly of the other guy or gal. LOL!

Such a beautiful smile. He's very lucky.

You are the special one....everyone should see it.

Their loss....really. They are less, and I feel sorry for them.