You Make Me Realize The Power Of A Smile

I am waking from a dream with and I smile first thing in the morning. You hugged me so tightly I can't help but smile.

I wake-up and the rain is pouring. You pop up in my head driving your car and I smile.

I am getting dressed and I go for a run where eveything reminds me of you and I smile. Then you pass by and I pretend I don't see you but start laughing and smiling once I catch my distance.

I am talking to my friend about a serious accident, but i can't help it - I'm smiling because I remembered a moment together, we talked and joked and it was funny.

I am walking down the street and smiling like a fool. You are in my thoughts again. I don't want to see you because I know it can never be. And then I see you sitting there, and you see me from afar and I know it's too late to cross the street. I supress that smile. But as I am getting closer you start smiling and I pretend amazment that I see you too and finally - that smile is free to dance on my face. We talk, we laugh, we say good-bye and I am on my way.

And later, when I try to think of something sad and try to sympathize, you come along in my head and again... I just start smiling.
insanitycuresboredom insanitycuresboredom
22-25, F
Sep 20, 2012