With Friends Like These ..

I have people in my life that make me smile just thinking of them.

They are all funny, kind and positive and I am so happy they are my friends.


Orangetas Orangetas
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11 Responses Nov 21, 2008

you are such a smiley-cutie =>

Ok<br />

They are the best!

;O) I love my friends that come around and just tell me they care and smile.

Oh and you too Josie .. I have some wonderful pals xx

So true. Thank you. (smiles)

Oh and you too datura <br />
<br />
I ALWAYS smile when I think of you .. xx

I know I smile when I think of you, Tas. You're the best.

Yes, certainly .. you as well!

You both make me smile and feel happy xxxxx

I have friends that make me smile. There's one I'm always smiling about.