Did you know it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile? I know, because yesterday was in a bad mood, and I guess I must have frowned too much because this morning I woke up with a torn groin muscle. Weird.

jarodkintz jarodkintz 26-30, M 22 Responses Mar 20, 2008

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well i was smiling on the inside,which made me laugh on the outside just now lol..and what?? a torn groin muscle?? lol

I know that.

LOL - Those are actually not the talents I wish to be famous for... I have so many much nicer ones!

Torment, intimidation ..... there's just no end to your talents my friend LOL

Who needs a lawyer? I'll just intimidate you myself if I have to ... :)

and I bet you will not say another word without your lawyer either? mmmm ... yea!

Torment anybody... me?!? Witnesses, I need witnesses!!!

Jheesh! I have one week flu and I come back to find you tormenting men again Lizzy22 - now what did I tell you about that? huh? Never do it without telling me first! Now look what you have done. I am rolling around on the floor laughing ... A heads up would have helped!

Now will someone please hand me dry underwear...

Yeah, BM - seems like we'll have to feel our way around this subject pretty carefully! Elwing, when you're done with that pumice stone, send it my way!! I seem to have a lot of dirty that needs scrubbing too...

Aw, damn. But... *Pouts* Boy on boy is so HAWT!

Again. Scrubbing the blush off my face. Methinks this time I'll use the pumice stone, get a bit of the dirty outta me 'ead too.

haha well, I might pop a viagra, but not with a rum and ****. haha

You can say that again, BrutMystik!

Wait... You already did. :D *Hugs*

groin rehab...a touchy subject.

groin rehab...a touchy subject.

*Nudges Lizzy* 'Ere. Slip this in his beer... No, wait. Better make it a shot of whiskey... No, no. Rum and coke. There. Yes. Slip this in his rum and coke, and I'll go find my handcuffs...

(I swear to Bob its WAY too late for this. I almost mistyped Coke twice... I highly doubt he drinks rum and c0ck...)

hehe... at this rate you'll have a whole pack of us girls lining up to be your doctor

*wondering how to get him to pop a pill, hmm*

haha good, glad I could make you wet.

Dood. Seriously. I'mma bustagut... And... Wet my pants if I don't excuse myself right now. This 'goyle ain't laughed so hard in I dunno how long!

*Dashes, as she said... Must take a wee break. Heh.*

haha I didn't say I needed it! I already walk arond with an erection some days that lasts for more than four hours, so as soon as I'd pop one pill, I might as well go to the doctor.

If that's what works for you!!

*shakes her head in sympathy muttering "shame, already in need in viagra and he's so young"...*

haha like Viagra?

That must've been some intense frowning going on. I recommend mood-enhancers - your groin muscles will thank you eventually!