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my mate grows the stuff and i buy the seeds,i hve been to amsterdam loads of times now and i can't wait to get back there,i don't normally smoke solid but when in amsterdam i like to smoke 00,nepaleese,polam and i went to a shop where they had a microscope set up in the window showing the resin oozing out of the hairs and they made the resin from that i bought some it was great but i got stopped by customs on my way back but they said i had less than ten grams so they fined me seventy pounds.i also had one hundred grams of cocaine in my bags but i put it in a duty free bag and they took it off me and gave it back once they had nicked me for the puff.what a result!i'll tell you about my son on another occation.if your going to amsterdam make sure you go to the little indian shop

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Let me whisper something in your ear.......*you dont smoke enough!*<br />
If you did, you wouldn't be such a ****** drag! =D<br />
weed is supposed to make ******** appear smaller...

there's loads of stuff about growing it out there,i'm thinking about growing it myself,it's so expensive in the uk about ten pounds a gram