And Find Humor In It From Time To Time

There are days I'm quite adamant about my right to smoke and others I think about quitting. People can be funny, last Friday I walked out of a concert and almost immediately after lighting up a cigarette someone behind me in the crowd shouts "Smoking kills!" I had to laugh... after four hours of willing subjection to the miasma of pot smoke, stage smoke, sweat and a thousand different colognes that passes for air inside the theater, someone took offense at my lighting a cigarette out in the open air.
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5 Responses Sep 8, 2010

Born again breathers are a drag. It is amazing what each of us choose to fight against and how we do it. This is like a bully picking on the unpopular kid. Thanks for sharing this..

I've never gotten more than a glimpse of the back of a head as they turned.....Once a young guy rolled down the window of his car and shouted at me, "I voted against that!" then lit out as if I might chase him down. It took me awhile to even figure out it must have been my smoking right outside the building as I walked to my car since as far as I know I've never been up for a vote, lol. People are so funny.

People are so stupid!

Have you ever taken a look at those people who just have to make those comments? They are always the types that you want to grab them by their scrawny necks and choke. Such losers in life.

For me all the anti-smoking campaigns and propaganda make me feel like if I did ever decide to quit I'd be embarrassed about it, as if I was jumping on the latest fad diet or new health craze.

You are right! I would love an add from a fellow smoker.

I find the anti-smoking campaigns to be rather humorous--at some point telling kids that smoking is bad is just going to make them want to do it. Every time some ninny ******* about smokers, I want to go buy a pack, just to infringe on their sense of sanctimony.