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I can say that I've not smoked in three years. I am trying to get my husband to stop smoking. He wanted to try the e-cigs out. So I ordered a sample pack of no nicotine flavor cartridges while he got full flavored menthols. He does it socially sometimes. So I got a zero nicotine sample pack so I could participate in getting him started on them. Hopefully he'll eventually cut down to the no nicotine ones then eventually not want one at all.

(There is a main forum site that lets you know about all the ingredients and health cautions involved in e-cigs so before trying them, you should check it out. The FDA is a little shaky on their accurate information so read up on different resources before making an informed decision. has all sides and opinions in their "sticky" sections about health risks. )

I looked at the thing and had no idea how to use it, much less an old fashioned one you have to light up. I couldn't remember how to smoke! I looked like a confused 14 year old kid that had no idea what I was doing! That says a lot for how long I haven't smoked. Some guy at the mall tried to get us to buy super expensive ones and attempted to feel us out if we were addicted or not. The thing is, I don't think even my spouse is addicted as much as he uses it as a coping mechanism. He goes long periods of time without wanting one but under a lot of stress, he has vices he clings to that are particularly unhealthy for him. It really looks like it's a mental release instead of an actual craving. The physical habit is something that patches didn't do. He hated the amount of nicotine in the patches even. I can say that, since we've gotten them he's gotten much better. Plus his "hiding" habits of smoking and pretending he's not smoking are out in the open. He actually offers to tell me what his old habits are and is figuring out more of what it was that kept him smoking for so long.

It feels like...a mini hookah in a way. You taste a cleaner taste. I have vanilla and it is pretty interesting. I found out that you don't have to draw in the smoke in order to get a good "vapor". You can still do it that way but you won't get as much "smoke" out. I don't draw really hard as much as if you just leave it in your mouth and it kind of just triggers. Don't do it too long, because I did and ended up getting too much, lol. I tried a little of his and you could taste what was in it. Oh menthols are so gross to me now! With a "analog" or regular cigarette, you taste the smoke and additives. The smoke leaves no smell behind, it vaporizes in the air seconds after (because is vapor). So you don't have to open your windows in the car, walk outside, wonder if your clothes smell, or if your teeth and hands have the yellow stains. 

We bought the Blu brand. I don't mind the blue light because it's an indicator that it's not a real one. There are some places that know of these things and do not want them indoors. I still think that it's not something you should do in front of children or even let your children know about these things. Nicotine itself is still very addictive. The goal all together is to kick his habit he's had since he was 16 years old. Or at least get him off of the regular brands since it's aggravating a lot of preexisting health issues with him. I am still completely repulsed at the thought of smoking again, the smell of it, and the nasty things it does to your body inside and out. I just hope this is a different way of giving him his "outlet" without as "much" health complications.

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Hi there all, my name is Amanda. My husband has been an ex-smoker now for 2 years. No-he didnt go cold turkey, no he didn't ween himself down, no he didnt suffer the agony of night terrors by downing chantix every day. He simply found an alternative: What is that you might ask? Modified. Electronic. Cigarettes, and they are the rare thing that are good enough to be true and can be all you ever need to keep your habit but ditch the smoke and 500 chemical-aspect of it. We believe in it so much, that we now are a part of the industry and couldnt be more excited for people to make the it is SOO much cheaper than ciggies. if you are serious about an alternative, jvmodshop has everything you need and the how-to sections will completely educate you more about it, don't wait because this is smoking of the future. :) google jvmodshop

You can get the nicotine in different doses if he doesn't want to completely withdrawal from the nicotine. They range the same as cigarettes, ultra lights, lights, full flavored. When my husband first tried them, he hadn't smoked in a few days so he drew a lot and got a huge head rush.

I will definitely look into these for my husband. His battle with cigarettes is a mixture of vice/addiction, so the no nicotine ones may help. I don't have such a strong vice for them, but when he is smoking, it can be much harder for me to resist. Thank you for writing about this in such detail, I appreciate it :)