Smoking Drinking and Havinng Sex

i was 4 when my dad left me and my mum.He were a player when he were 20 and had sex drank and smoked came back late night (2-3 o clock).My mum and dad got divorced when my mom found out that he had an affair wid a noder women for 2 yrs.when i was 13 my mom got a boyfriend and we moved to sum next place wid sum **** peeps like people smoking and drinking.Once in dis street dis women got raped by er husbend.There waz dis club next to it and wid prostitutes and players people sex drink nd stuff.when i turned 14 my my mums boyfriend and her got married.Soon ma stepdad got ma mom to go to these clubs and soon she started drinking and smoking and havin sex wid ma stepdad.den she were pegrant nd had miscarraige.When i were 16 ma mom made me meet dis boy hu was rly sweet nd nice soon we laughed talked and i went out wid as couplets.Soon i learned 4rom im smokin drinking nd havin sex.Soon i broke up wid im and i became like a prostitute nd hid it 4rom ma mom hu leaves me goin 2 partys wid ma stepdad.When se goes out i sneak out nd go to clubs and be nakid front of mans and boys and dance.Once when i were dancin i dis blak man starts touching me hes about 30 den we had sex but den ma mom found out.She was drinking so much and she was driving and drinking nd crying dat she had  a car accident and died.Den ma stepdad started beaing kinda mean den swearin at me den beating me den he soon raped me nd i got pregrant nd i had abotion.Soon i called the police nd dey took him away  and sended me to foster parents nd they were kind and nice lyk normal parents.Finally i realized i was living with a very bad life and i stopped drinking smoking and having sex.So never try smoking drinking and having sex!


laurenoldsi laurenoldsi
Feb 26, 2009