I Hope You Have The Time Of Your Life!!!!

I think the high of pot is a gift, not just to be taken for granted. I and my friend here think after a hard day of work....why not catch a buzz?! If more people could pull their own weight, then we can get something accomplished and enjoy the high a little more. Knowing we did a job and we did it well, then we can be proud of ourselves and use the gift GOD gave us, knowing we did a job well done! If only we can find the gusto to enjoy life and all of its characteristics, we can live a productive life. And the theory of the " GATEWAY Drug" is not a theory but is a fact! Not only may you pic something else up on the way" Which doesnt usually happen, if you have a strong will, and a strong head." So when someone asks you if you do drugs say........no only weed! Keep a strong head and for chris sakes, get out of you mom's house and get a job and pull your own weight!
RayShady88 RayShady88
31-35, M
Jan 12, 2013