I Love The Smell Of Cigarette Smoke

I am a smoker and I enjoy it.  I am tired of people telling me to quit.  I did quit for 8.5 years.  It was vey hard to do but I did eventually become accustomed to it.  However, everytime I smelled smoke I would think back fondly.  I love the smell of cigarette smoke.  When my daughter started smoking I just couldn't help myself.  Then my husband started again.  Now the three of us sit on the back porch smoking, enjoying it and bonding. 

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Some of them smell ok, but health means more to me:)

I hear ya. I've been smoking since I was a little kid and the only way I could quit would be if everybody else did first. Just the scent of tobacco smoke on somebody makes me need a cigarette. And if there's anybody actually smoking in my vicinity, I smoke too. I enjoy everything about cigarettes.

Not only do I know that feeling, I just started smoking again after being smoke-free for nearly ten years. (That first drag was indescribable! And of course, I was just going to smoke one and throw the pack away. Right...) My wife, who quit before I did some 11 years ago, is NOT pleased about my having returned to the habit.<br />
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The problem is, if I'm honest with myself, I have to acknowledge that I love to smoke. I'm now careful to buy a pack before the present pack runs out--a bad sign.<br />
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God bless us all!

I know that feeling too.

I know that feeling too.