Whats Wrong With It?

I am getting sick of hearing the same complaints about smoking everywhere I go. "You know it causes lung and heart problems.", "You know those things will kill you.", " You know I had a Aunt that smoked. She became all wrinkly at an early age." Its always "You know" this or "You know" that. Well i do know this and that, and even those. All the problems about health that are caused by smoking. From it takes 12 minutes off your per cigarette to yellowing of the teeth. I know them all, have seen what long term smoking does and you know what if I cared about that then I wouldn't smoke. I like the fact it takes 12 minutes off your life. Thats 12 minutes I know I wont have. If I were to die in a car crash one day those 12 minutes arent going to mean a thing. I wish people would stop telling me this stuff like what they say is going to make me stop, or even that what they say matters.
Norealidentity Norealidentity
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3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

Keep smokng. Start smoking weed too.

Here in Australia in addition to health effects is makes you broke. Cigs are $40 a packet here...

Okay don't stop. Your health.