I Love To Smoke

I smoke when i get up, i smoke when i am mad, i smoke after i eat, i smoke before i go to bed. I love the way it feels and the way it makes me feel i want to quit so bad but i just cant. It's a part of my life i can not control sometimes i don't ever remember lighting up a cigarettes. I have been smoking for 5 years everyone around me smokes there easy to get. I don't want to be one of tho's people that have holes in there throats and talk all manly i want to be normal and not smoke i wish i never started. I stared by my self my mom left a pack of cigarettes and i took one and smoked it with i was 13. I did not like it at the time but i kept doing it thinking oh i wont be addicted. haha i sure am now.
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Are You still smoking?

Totally know how you feel, but I love it.

Girl smoking is a huge turn on.

Do some vaping.

Yep, I hear ya' too. Started when a pack was 50 cents. Quit for a year but not having a beer with a smoke got me started again. Yikes

I have been smoke free since Dec.2012 and feel absolutely wonderful since I quit. Food taste amazing and the world has so many smells that you can't smell with the fibers of tobacco in your nostrils. Give yourself one month without cigarettes and you will see the difference.

Good for you!! You go cold turkey?? Or use the E-cig??

I hope you stop. Soon too. Or, that you have already stopped. Smoking sucks. Period.

You shouldn't feel guilty because you smoke. I smoke and I love it. There' s nothing wrong with smoking.

Tell that to my dead grandmother. Tell that to my dead uncle. Tell that to my other dead uncle, my dead aunt and God when you reach the point of no return one day. Your ignorance disgusts me. Millions of dead people and SCIENCE does not lie. Open your eyes a little.

Okay, believe what you want. But can you tell me exactly what is in cigarettes?

You didn't answer my question. I did not ask around about any government, nor did I ask for any conspiracy stories.

I just want you to admit that something about smoking is wrong. That's always the first step to facing addiction: admitting you have a problem. But it seems like you don't plan on admitting anything anytime soon. I'm sorry if I came off as rude, or too pushy. I wish you the best of luck, my friend.

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I know how you feel. I want to quit too, but I just love it SOOOO much!

Ha I know how that goes. Gotta surround yourself with different people for a while.its hard to quit when everyone around you is smoking.