It All Started When..

I was 14 or 15. My boyfriend smoked and he was 17. We would be hanging out with friends and theyd have one with them.
Well this was my first time smoking. I didnt even know how to inhale so i just blew it out until he taught me. I would just casually smoke. Well it turned into
a whole nother ball game. I started stealing my parents cigarettes and i became addicted. Im now 18 and i still smoke. I feel even more addicted now since i can have one whenever i want. I usually need one every hour or hour and a half. I wish i could quit cause i know its bad and the longterm results arent good but i just cant..
hayyboo1994 hayyboo1994
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

One ciggy every hour will never hurt you. If you enjoy it just smoke and remember to stay active! Cheers and deep smoke!

What I have to tell you probably won't make much difference but I'm gonna tell you anyway. I started smoking at about the same age that you did. I am now 63, and my doctor tells me I probably won't see 65. I am now on oxygen 24/7, and have trouble just walking to the bathroom from my chair in the living room. I used to hike all day long in the mountains, and I really do miss doing that today. The longer you keep on smoking the harder it will be to quit so please stop now.