Cleaning House

(friend): thinking i might venture into the dark and scary world that is cleaning my house today... i am scared.

(me): be careful about alternate deminsion's. that trash can open in dark corner's. they might swoop you away to the land of goblin's. yes it's happened to me cuased from mcdonald's burger's molding under couch's. scary ****.

(friend): i'm not going in with out my full set of diamond elite armor.

(me): good idea... better bring your diamond sword to ward off dust bunnie's the size of dog's.

(friend): it's already packed and ready to go.

(me): good girl... and good luck.

(me again): i cleaned my house last week and it took all my might to get back home from the land of drunk tard's. a savage people breed from all of the beer stain's that accumulate over the year's. i must have chugged five beer bong's to get home.

(friend): lol, man i want to see what come's up out of the carpet over there if you were to shampoo.

(me): no you don't want to do that then you might clean something. and then there will be hell to pay. everybody will ***** because they can't lay thier shatray's there anymore. there would be less smoking and the president would have to raise taxe's. better just leave it dirty... throw a drink cup over there or something. see what that doe's.

(friend): lol
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

That was nice! Thanks, But I'm a compulsive cleaner so I would feel the need to straighten things up anyway if invited over.